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XFL vs NFL: Differences

Many of you are interested in NFL and also XFL. Some even claim that this is the same thing, while others claim it is completely. In general, these two have the same base, same bookmakers promoting these leagues but there are a lot of differences you need to know about. 

Below we are going to reveal those differences and explain to you all of them. The goal is to understand both topics as great as you can. 

Basic Differences

NFL stands for National Football League and it was founded in 1920. There are 32 teams in the league and it is one of the 4 main and the biggest leagues in the United States. The headquarters is in New York and the league is a partner with countless TV channels such as Fox, ESPN, NBC, and many more. Each team will play 17 matches in one season that lasts between September and January. 

XFL is a newer league being launched back in 2018 and it consists of 8 teams. The teams are divided between the East and West coast and each one will play 10 matches in one season. A season lasts between February and April. The HQ of the league is located in Greenwich, Connecticut. The founder of the league is Vince McMahon.

Differences in the Rules

This is the main thing for most of us. The two leagues do have a lot of different rules. Yes, there are some similarities as well such as the same size of the field, four downs, and also the same positions used.

In XFL the clock will be used unless there is a 2-minute warning or if there is a timeout. In NFL the first down and many other things will stop the clock. In the NFL a team gets 3-time outs for one half of the match while in XFL there are 2-time outs. Overtime penalties in XFL are more severe and it will cost a team more than in NFL. 

In the XFL league coaches are unable to have coach challenges as they can have in NFL. This is one of the biggest and the best-known differences. Kickoffs are different as well. Where the team can start and who can start are the biggest differences, although there are many more.

An interesting difference here is the salary of coaches and the players in the leagues. For example, in XFL a coach can expect a salary per season of $500.000. Yes, it does sound like much but keep in mind that in NFL a coach can have a salary of $10, million. In NFL a player will have a salary of $20 million or even more. This depends on a player, team, and countless other factors but in general, all players have high salaries. 

In XFL a player can have a salary of $55.000 which is not much. In general, the salary difference is massive and it does deserve to be mentioned here. But, the salary difference is going to be less and less present in the near future. Keep in mind that XFL is still a new thing so there is a lot of room for improvement and advancement. One of those advancements is going to be salary which should be as close as possible to the NFL in the near future. 

Betting Differences

Yes, there are differences in betting as well. XFL will have much higher scores than in the NFL which is one of the main differences and something you should get used to if you plan to bet on this league. Announcers will talk about over/under details as the match is occurring. This is something you have been unable to see in NFL ever. It is another difference you need to know about and you need to learn about it more.

Don’t forget that XFL has fewer teams than NFL. The NFL has 32 teams so there are a lot more possibilities. In the XFL league, you are looking at 8 teams which is much less so you have fewer betting options to enjoy. However, most players and bettors claim that XFL is extremely thrilling when it comes to betting so this can be one of the main advantages here. 

There is a massive difference when it comes to information. For instance, in NFL each player is well-known and you can find a lot of data about each one. This is something that translates to teams as well. On the other hand in XFL most of the players are not well-known. This means that you will have fewer data at your disposal. For bettors who want to have as much data as possible before placing a bet, this can be a problem. 

The Final Word

The differences between NFL and XFL are big and there are a lot of them. We can sum up that NFL is a bigger, better known, and more profitable option here. XFL is smaller and new but can be more thrilling when all the ingredients are matched just right. The best thing you can do is to try both of the leagues and see which one is just right for you and which one brings you more joy. 

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