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XFL, the American Football League

The XFL is an American football league consisting of 8 teams, runs from February to April and a team plays ten-game regular season. The company is placed in Stamford, Connecticut. Vince McMahon, the wrestling executive is the founder of this league. It was founded in 2018, but he re-founded the XFL hoping fewer controversies compared to the National Football League, also without the professional wresting features and entertainment elements. The teams are advertised across the United States represented by an NFL franchise.After some days of the inaugural of the league in 2020 season, the operations of the league came to a close due to COVID-19 but it was announced that the league would return to the field for the 2022 season.

XFL 2001

The original XFL with the World Wrestling Federation ran only for a single season in 2001, with the claim to be a competitor to the National Football League. In 2017, WWE issued a filling to the Securities and Exchange Commission that McMahon had sold $100 million worth of WWE for getting a fund to Alpha Entertainment. It has headquartered next door to WWE in Stamford, Connecticut.

The XFL discourages any political gestures by the players as to take a knee in protest and McMahon also strongly planned to forbid any player to participate in the league with criminal record. He also stated that would evaluate players based on many qualities as humanity, without social and political issues. The players if want, can express their opinions about political issues, but on their personal time. They are strictly ordered to be away any kind of controversy.

It was reported in 2020, that Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia and Gerry Cardinale have purchased the XFL for $15 million. The transition of ownership was completed on August 21, 2020 and Johnson stated that the keys to the XFL have been handed over. For more information visit Betting 24.

Rules Changes

Here are some basic rule changes in the game that was officially confirmed in the January 7, 2020.

  • Kickoffs are an element of the game and it would be 30-35 yards line.
  • Punts from the players must be on or behind the line of scrimmage until the ball is kicked.
  • Points after touchdown depend upon the teams how far they choose to take the snap from the goal line because single point is awarded on making a two yard attempt.
  • Double-forward pass is allowed if the first pass is batted back towards the quarterback because two forward passes on the same play are allowed.
  • Overtime is decided by a five round shootout that is quite similar to soccer or ice hockey. Visiting team is on offense first and the home team is on defense because it is not decided on toss.
  • The XFL expands on eight on fields officials with a ninth one as well who is a specialized “ball judge” who has to quickly spot the ball after the end of the previous play.
  • A brown color football is used in XFL, but in home games, each team has its own ball marked with the XFL logo and team’s name.
  • Players are allowed to wear decorated visors and they have 10-minute halftime.

The XFL had to operate with a centralized practice squad with the eight teams with coaching staff and a 40-man roster player. 4 games are played in a week in the running season and all the teams gear up with new potential to dominate their opponents. The XFL is considered one of the most viewed sports in the world because the number of its viewers has been increasing with the passage of time.

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