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XFL Team Names: From Best to Worst

The XFL is a professional American football league founded by Vince McMahon, known to the wrestling world. The XFL should compete with the main football league, the NFL, but it is struggling so far. In 2018, McMahon decided to revive the league, established in 2001, and a few games were even played in the 2020 season, but COVID-19 intervened and postponed the XFL’s campaign to as early as 2022.  

While the fans can’t fully enjoy the new football competition, we’ve decided together with to talk about the teams, or to be more specific, to discuss the names and logos of the future favourites of the fans. 

1. Tampa Bay Vipers

Tampa Bay Vipers - Wikipedia

Sound: Needless to say, the name Vipers sounds bright, even poisonous. It’s memorable, and a big plus is that when you hear “Vipers” you can immediately visualize the team’s bright green uniforms and cheeky playing style.

Originality: Perhaps the originality of the name leaves a lot to be desired. Valley Vipers are successful in the G-League, the same name the eSports team and computer game characters bear. In terms of originality, Vipers is something from a video game. 

Logo: The franchise’s logo looks minimalist and stylish, though a bit odd.

2. Los Angeles Wildcats

File:Los Angeles Wildcats.jpg - Wikipedia

Sound: Another name from the animal kingdom. The name Wildcats sounds no less cocky, and besides, it has at least something to do with the location of the team, since it’s sunny in California, and lions and cheetahs love the sun. However, it is no longer so easy to visually represent a team by one name. Wild cats can be lions and panthers, which look very different.

Originality: Almost every team in the new league has a problem with that, but the Wildcats are very corny. The Wildcats are a hockey team from Canada, a basketball team from Australia, and a group of superheroes from the WildStorm universe. Very boring. 

Logo: The only thing that can be more boring than the name of the Los Angeles franchise is its logo if the two letters LA can be called a logo. 

3. St. Louis BattleHawks

St. Louis BattleHawks - Wikipedia

Sound: If you don’t go into the meaning, it sounds cool. The name implies that on the field they will jump higher than anyone else, soaring above their opponents. And “Battle” would hint at a willingness to fight. But not every fan will want to pronounce the two-word name, so the franchise’s folk name may be different in the future.

Originality: BattleHawks is the name of a fictional World War II air squadron…from a video game. It’s pretty weird to name a real team after fictional characters. Also, there is a team of other Blackhawks playing in the NHL, the Blackhawks. 

Logo: It could be much worse. It is not very clear why the sword was placed in the middle, but the sword is Battle, the wings are Hawks. 

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4. Dallas Renegades

Sound: If any team should be called the Renegades, Dallas is a great place for the theme of cowboys and all that. There’s a bad guys vibe coming from the name, and future players in the franchise already have a vector of behavior they can follow.  

Originality: If you type in the name of the team on the Internet, you will get over a dozen active and former sports teams with that name and with a similar style of a cowboy hiding his face under a bandana.

Logo: Continuing the theme of originality, the Dallas name and logo are a copy of the LA Renegades eSports team. The only difference is the colors of the cowboy’s hat and bandana. In fairness, the logo looks cool, and the bright blue in contrast to the devilish red eyes looks even preferable. 

5. New York Guardians

Sound: The New York Guardian sounds like the name of a newspaper. The name Guardians was most likely named after the gargoyles-statues on the rooftops of New York cities. If so, then it’s cool that the name of the new team has at least some history.

Originality: It seems like the XFL should be something of a football superhero league. How else can one explain another name from the comics? But if you leave that out and ignore the fact that the team sounds like a newspaper, you could say about originality…Ah yes, there are Defenders in the league.

Logo: A silvery lion with blood-red eyes and fangs looks creepy. If the creators wanted to achieve this effect, then they succeeded, but how does the logo relate to the team name?

6. Seattle Dragons

Seattle Dragons: XFL announces team names, logo, colors

Sound: A very primitive name that has nothing to do with the city. The comparison is clear. Seattle players will be as powerful and big as dragons, but it seems that this is the name that they did not want to think about.

Originality: What kind of originality can we talk about if your team is called Dragons? The Dragons might as well be a hot sauce or an amusement park.

Logo: If you decide to call the amusement park “Dragon”, you won’t have to look long for a logo – there’s nothing more childish than this on the list.

7. Houston Roughnecks

Houston Roughnecks - Wikipedia

Sound: A roughneck is someone who works on an oil rig? Houston has a strong oil industry, but is that the only thing the biggest city in Texas can be remembered for? And it doesn’t sound like a football town at all.

Originality: This name is the stolen name of the former Houston Oilers team. Besides, even the Roughnecks are already in Calgary – they are the box lacrosse team. Not as popular as Renegades, but it’s understandable why.

Logo: An oil rig on the football team logo, more like a cell phone tower. It doesn’t look like a recognizable and commercially successful brand logo.

8. Washington DC Defenders

Sound: A very boring and bizarre title. Continuing the superhero universe in football, the league has decided to launch a franchise that reminds the Netflix project on the Marvel universe. Also, the Defenders will play not only the defence but also the offence. And how does a team with the name Defenders attack?

Originality: It is so unoriginal that even within a league of 8 teams, it was possible to find a team with a similar name. DC Defenders vs. NY Guardians is the most defensive confrontation.

Logo: The logo for this franchise looks like it replaced the NFL team in a PC game due to copyright.

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