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XFL Season Cancellation: A Blessing In Disguise For NFL Signings

The Cancellation Of The Season

As the Coronavirus outbreak continues to have a significant effect on sport, there are numerous sporting events such as the Olympics that are calling for postponements or even cancellations. One of the most prominent in American sport is the XFL season. The board recently announced that the season will no longer be played. Though this is a huge blow for the fans, this is a blessing in disguise for those players that were looking to sign for the NFL and Canadian football league. The following tweet placed on their official Twitter said the following:

Promising Times For The NFL and Canadian Football

The cancellation of the league at this stage has meant that a number of the leagues best players are topping the list for NFL transfers. Two players that are the most sought after from the league are Roughnecks Quarterback P.J Walker and receiver Cam Phillips. They are set to be two of the most sought-after people in the league at this time following their stunning performance in seasons past. For many, however, this is interesting times for the sport as there is no telling just how many players will leave for the NFL or Canadian League Football.  

The Impact On Sport As A Whole

Though these new signings are promising for several reasons, they also present their problems. With new signings to any time requiring several tests such as physicals, this has all been delayed due to Covid-19. Though contracts and other documentation can be drafted, there must be physical checks in place to ensure the health of any potential players, this, therefore, means that any NFL or Canadian football signings may have to be postponed for the time being. This can not only affect the fans for the 2020 seasons but also the betting industry and more particularly betting on NFL matchups like the ones indicated here. Though sports betting is not legal in many states, there are some such as Nevada where sports betting is highly popular. This could be put on hold until the restrictions have been relaxed across the United States and the rest of the world.

What Does This Mean In Terms Of Losses?

As more and more sporting events get cancelled or postponed, there are many wondering how much this is costing the industry across the board. With millions spent on advertising as well as the commercials for major sporting events, this is costing promoters around the globe a vast amount of money. This is an issue when it comes to potential losses in revenue as it is not only organisers that are losing money but also sponsorships and other marketing agencies. These losses are something that can vastly affect the sporting industry, as this can take a while to earn back. In addition, more money will have to be spent on new promotional material to ensure that everything is ready for when the events are held later in the year.

 As the restrictions continue and the number of those infected continues to rise, there are many more sporting events that are set to be cancelled or postponed. However, only time will tell how long these postponements will go on for.

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