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XFL Ready to Return in 2023 after Discussion on Collaboration with Canadian Football League

The XFL has announced its plan to re-launch in 2023 after its discussion with the CFL on the partnership between both leagues. Both the XFL and CFL have issued separate press releases that the decision to collaborate was mutually agreed on between the two leagues. 

Although the football league started its 2020 season, which would have been a strong rebirth of the league, the season was cut short as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. Immediately the season was called off, the league postponed all its operations and ended its contracts with all its employees. 

Several developments took place over the past months, including the sale of the league to Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), Gerry Cardinale, and Dancy Garcia for $15 million, and it seems that the league is ready to return to the football scene. 

This is undoubtedly great news for fans and punters who would love to put their money on the league. Well, you do not have to wait too much anymore as the league is coming back with more vigor and ready to offer fans reasons to wager on them with Interac.

What Teams are in the XFL?

While announcing the return of the league in 2020, the XFL revealed that the original league was sold but it is safe to think that the XFL will maintain its eight teams during its re-launch. However, it should be noted that the league has not made any official announcement in this regard. 

It is expected that the executives and ownership group of the league would reveal more details about the composition of its teams before the actual re-launch. The teams that are currently associated with the XFL are:

  • Dallas Renegades
  • Tampa Bay Viper
  • Seattle Dragons
  • New York Guardians
  • DC Defenders
  • St. Louis BattleHawks
  • LA Wildcats

More about the XFL

The XFL is a professional American foot league that launched in 2001. After its launch, it only had a single season in the year. After that, it was put on hold. In 2020, the league returned but its return was short-lived because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Suffice to mention that the 2020 version of the league was quite different from that of 2001. 

The new league was a different entity from its 2001 version. It is more of a closer depiction of a professional football league. From the start, the league is made up of eight teams, which are divided equally between the West and East division. 

When the XFL returned in 2020, it made some changes to its rules regarding the kickoffs, overtime, pace-of-play, PATs, and more. It is unclear if the league would still maintain the same rules or if some things would change. With time, it is believed that more details will be released to the public.


More news statements are expected in the coming weeks and months regarding the re-launch of the XFL. It is not clear whether or not the league will retain the formation of its teams but as events unfold, the sports world would be updated with more details. 

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