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XFL Hopes To Tap Into The Popularity Of Pro Football Betting

XFL Hopes To Tap Into The Popularity Of Pro Football Betting The NFL, the NBA and the MLB –or you could simply say, “the big three” in American sports –is the most popular, beloved sports leagues in history, pumping out the highest-grossing fan base of all of the North American leagues ever to exist. But, any devoted sports fans probably already know this.

Sports Betting In Demand

However, what you might not know is that the amount of sports betting is gradually raking in its share of high grossing fans, as well, a phenomenon that won’t be stopping any time soon. With Canada swiftly locking in their bets upon the new NFL season, and with the legalized sports betting states in the U.S, sports betting could be on the verge of making history alongside the leagues. Although the NFL is the most popular pro league to wager a bet, other sport league bets are becoming increasingly in demand.

How Many Fans Are Betting?

Front Office Sports released a tweet showing statistics taken from emarketer data on U.S sports fan’s favorite leagues in correlation to U.S sports fans interested in wagering a bet within those leagues. The NFL was averaging at 72% of fans interested in the league itself, vs 61% of NFL fans who would make a bet on it. Just below that, the NBA averaged at 66% who like the sport, vs 58% who would make a bet, while the MLB racked up 65% of fans, and 53% potential betters. Below the major three, the list contained data from Boxing, NHL, Nascar, Horse racing, MLS, Esports and WNBA, all of them showing at least some percent interest in making bets within their favorite sports leagues.

Is the XFL Tapping In?

With the gradual transcendence of a refined old league entering the playing field again, many fans might be wondering if the XFL will tap into sports betting also. Well, the odds certainly appear to be in favor of that to potentially occur. Recently, the rapidly developing new league landed spots on television, and broadcasting for the XFL will be aired on ABC, ESPN, Fox and Sports 1 networks. So, this newsworthy progress seems to be leaving the door open for sports betting to eventually come through. Even the chairman for XFL, Vince McMahon, had apparently stated fresh from the initial breakthrough of the league that sports betting would be an area of interest for XFL to pursue. So, it’s probably safe to say that XFL and sports betting fans can get ready, because, potential betting sounds very promising for the oncoming launch of this league in February 2020.

Fans Should Step Up

Of course, the only way for the XFL to tap into the world of sports betting is to gain the followers, fans and the simple lovers of pro football. We are hopeful that XFL will have much success this time around–that true football fans can cherish the independence, as well as the possibility of somewhat more freedom, of a smaller, more condensed professional football league compared to the NFL. But, when the XFL does take off, and when it gains the many fans, it so rightfully deserves, then betting should be well underway, because, what better way to get fans involved after all, right?

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