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XFL player salary for one game and season

Even though XFL has encountered some problems over the last few years, it will come back in 2023 with renewed strength. The salary players receive for one game during the last season will still influence what competitors will most likely receive in the next period.

Let’s have a look at how much an XFL player receives for one match, one season and how it all compares to the well-established NFL.

Salary structure per one game

An XFL player receives a check every two weeks with compensation for the games where they performed. This pay is for two games since there is one every week. However, a player’s salary is also influenced by their position, with the quarterback usually receiving the highest amount.

The bi-weekly pay amounts to $2080 divided by two is $1080 for participating in one game. Every player will receive this sum no matter what outcome the game has. However, there are two other factors involved that will influence their salary for one game.

Apart from the two-week salary, active players receive a $1685 bonus for every game they participate in, which raises their earnings for one match to $2765. This additional incentive applies no matter the result; every active player receives this sum.

Victory bonus

Each team competitor who triumphs in a match gets an extra $2222 for succeeding. So, the victorious team gets a salary for one game per active player of $4987. In contrast, non-active competitors receive $3302 for one game.

This extra incentive for a victory has a lot of influence since it almost doubles the pay for each player that participates in one game.

XFL players’ salary during a season

In the 2020 season, there were ten expected games per team, but only 5 took place since the XFL encountered financial difficulties. To see the bigger picture of expected earnings during a season will count what salaries would players have gotten for all ten expected matches.

So, if every player from a team got the standard $2765 for each game, and there are ten games. It would sum up to $27650. However, this would have been the base salary for an individual competitor.

On top of the earnings for every game, there would have been other factors. Every player would have received bonuses for victories and different incentives from their club and sponsors. Overall, this would add up to around $55000 per season for each individual football team member.

Who makes more money, NFL or XFL?

Based on the calculations presented earlier, there should be no surprise that NFL competitors earn much more than XFL ones. But let’s look at the number to see the gap and differences clearer.

The differences between NFL player salaries per season are wild, to say the least, with the highest one being up to $45 million and the lowest being somewhere around $660 thousand. Both are high, to say the least, compared to the $55000 XFL competitors can attain.

Although NFL performers earn much more than XFL ones, the best-paid athletes are NBA players. However, NFL football teams are worth significantly more compared to the NBA ones, which shows how much potential for growth XFL has. 

What will the future hold for XFL?  

At the moment, XFL’s future is uncertain, to say the least, considering the bankruptcy it had to go through during the 2020 season. However, there is still hope since Dwayne Johnson, alongside Dany Garcia and RedBird Capital, bought XFL in august 2020.

The whole transaction cost the three buyers $15 million, which shows that this alternative league has the potential to become bigger and maybe eventually even rivel the NFL.

Although players receive much less than the already accomplished NFL, there is room for growth since American football still remains one of the most popular sports in the United States. As long as there is demand, XFL will have a shot at becoming big.

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