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XFL Fantasy Football: Tips & Tricks For 2024

Fantasy sports games are not something new. They’ve been around us for decades and every year they are more and more popular. Fantasy games provide players with the ability to make decisions, own sports teams, and try themselves in the world of sports.

The Fantasy Football genre is one of the most popular ones with millions of players competing in different leagues. Among the many leagues, we have XFL, which is a minor professional football league consisting of eight teams coming from the US. It is a league with innovative rules and an enhanced 360-degree game experience.

But what about XFL Fantasy football? Well, the competition is tough, just as in other leagues, and to build a successful team and win championships, you need some tips and tricks.

That’s why in today’s article we decided to highlight some of the most useful tips to consider when playing XFL fantasy football.

History of Fantasy Sports Games

Fantasy sports have been a regular feature in modern life for sports fans across the world, with millions engrossed in various games looking to win the most points. The history of the sector started from humbling beginnings, and few could have predicted just how popular the game would later become.  

But when did it all start?

Well, even though most people think that fantasy sports games are relatively new, the origins can be traced back to the late 1970s.

The first fantasy sports competition in history was staged between Okrent and his friends for the 1979-80 MLB season, with the squad assembling their teams via a draft on the night before the opening round of matches. Click here if you want to learn more about the history of fantasy sports.

When is the XFL 2024 starting?

T With the merger approved, the XFL and USFL announced that the combined league will kick off on Saturday, March 30, 2024. The new name of the combined league will reportedly be the United Football League (UFL), according to XFL and USFL reporter James Larsen.

XFL Fantasy Football – Beginners’ Guide (Tips and Tricks)

Don’t go Into the Draft Thinking You Might Know what to Expect

This is a simple trap to fall into; for example, you may spend the entire summer believing that you will get three certain players with your first three selections, only to have them all go just before you’re up. That is why creating a draft board ahead of time is critical, as you will not be caught off guard when it comes time to choose. This also applies later in the draft, since late-round value will not be lost if you take him while he’s the BPA (best player available) on your board rather than waiting because you believe you can get him later.

Keep Up On The Latest News

The golden rule of success is keeping an eye on the latest news. We live in an age when information is constantly bombarding us. In the event of breaking news, you want to be the first to the waiver wire. Turning on social media notifications for the top XFL insiders and beat journalists is the greatest method to get to the waiver wire first. When you receive the alert, your first thought should be to see if you can help your team in any way.

Plan Ahead For Bye Weeks

You should have plenty of running backs and receivers for the bye weeks, but if you only have one quarterback and one tight end on the squad, look at the matchups for that week and plan accordingly. Pick up quarterbacks who have matches against inferior opponents a week early

Value Talent Above Everything Else

This is another important suggestion on our list. Choosing a player with less talent and more opportunity will almost always provide better outcomes than choosing a guy with less talent and fewer opportunities. It’s the XFL, and clubs will, for the most part, put their best players on the field.

Keep a close eye on the schedule/matchups

Of course, you should acquire as much information as possible to make the best selections for your fantasy squad, but others argue that this should not include the schedule since what looks to be a good or terrible matchup is based on the previous season and will change—or so they claim.

Yes, things will change, but that is why you must pay as much attention to the defensive side of the ball as you do to the skill-position players (and the offensive line, for that matter).

Know The league rules

A no-brainer, but worth mentioning anyway. The last thing you need is for some arcane regulation to derail or destroy your season.

For example, in certain leagues, a playoff tiebreaker may be bench points (although we advocate a higher seed so you have some type of “home-field advantage”), and you don’t want to lose in the championship game because you left a handcuff on the bench instead of pulling someone up.

Don’t be Frightened to Think About the Fantasy Playoffs

This is complex stuff that might lead to playing with fire, but if you’re certain you’ll make the fantasy playoffs, it’s not a terrible idea to go after players with easy schedules (via trades or the waiver wire) in the last month of the season. Normally, you want to remain with the guys who have helped you get through the season, but some slight changes might pay off.

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