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How Will XFL Contracts Compare To Patrick Mahomes’ New Deal With The Chiefs?

Photo by U.S. Air National Guard Master Sgt. Michael Crane, Public Domain

Chiefs MVP quarterback, Patrick Mahomes (center) is set for a ground-breaking NFL salary

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes enjoyed an incredible breakthrough 2018 in the NFL. After bagging 50 touchdowns, a dozen interceptions and making more than 5,000 yards across the season, Mahomes helped to redefine what a quarterback can bring to the table. So impressive was Mahomes’ performances and so influential he was to the Chiefs’ season, Mahomes was eventually named NFL’s 2018 MVP at the NFL Honors night. Mahomes became the youngest winner of the MVP award since Dan Marino way back in 1984, which are certainly illustrious steps to follow in for the 23-year-old.

After such a successful 2018, many in the football industry have posed the question as to whether Mahomes could become the highest paid player in NFL history given his immense potential. He’s been playing on a rookie contract during the last two seasons and is now eligible for a new deal in 2019. Having gained national recognition from his peers, it seems quite possible the Chiefs will have to tie him down with a highly lucrative contract.

At the present time, Mahomes isn’t even in the top three of the Chiefs’ highest wage earners. Express believes Mahomes currently earns $4.4 million per season, making him only the 934th highest-paid player in American football. Nevertheless, having played a key role in helping the Chiefs to reach the AFC Championship game and winning the 2018 MVP award, some experts believe Mahomes could increase his annual salary almost ten-fold. That’s an astronomical amount when you consider that Tier 1 XFL players could potentially earn up to $25,000 per game, but none of these figures are set in stone. Bear in mind that only one player on each XFL franchise can be designated Tier 1 status, it’s clear that salary structures will be much tighter in the newly reformed XFL.

Mahomes in line for a new long-term deal worth $200m

Mahomes is etched in NFL MVP folklore after a remarkable 2018 season

Photo by Cpl Jody Lee Smith, Public Domain

If reports are to be believed, the Chiefs are weighing up offering Mahomes a new five-year contract worth up to $200 million – or $40 million per season. This would eclipse Aaron Rodgers, who took home the most bacon in the 2018 season at $33.5 million. However, given that Oddschecker’s latest 2019 MVP winner prices indicate that Mahomes is a red-hot

favorite to repeat his 2018 achievements in 2019 and retain his MVP status, $40 million a year could yet be money well spent by the Chiefs.

One of the biggest issues for the Chiefs will be the financial balancing act of paying Mahomes a salary that befits his talents and potential, whilst keeping the rest of the roster happy. Tyreek Hill, now regarded as one of the most dependable wide receivers in NFL, is also seeking a new long-term contract. If the Chiefs don’t have enough in the kitty to pay Mahomes $200 million and pay Hill a fair whack, it could force the latter to look elsewhere and weaken the Chiefs in the process.

Mahomes’ hard-working, humble attitude is music to the ears of the Chiefs hierarchy

Nevertheless, there appears to be plenty of development left in the tank for Mahomes, which will no doubt excite the Chief’s hierarchy and their fans. The Chiefs’ offensive coordinator, Eric Bieniemy, believes there are still plenty of rough edges in Mahomes’ game that can be smoothed out; much to the dismay of the rest of the NFL. When quizzed recently by Steve Wyche of the NFL Network, Bieniemy said that while Mahomes “had a tremendous year” in 2018, he needed to work on his “pocket presence” and “footwork in the pocket”.

Mahomes was equally humble when asked about the areas in which he needed to work on, saying that he still “misses so many little plays” due to his footwork. This leads to him relying “too much” on his arm. With the Chiefs’ July training camp fast approaching, Mahomes will certainly be looking to work hard alongside his teammates to tweak his technique in time for the start of the regular season.

Some people have said that Mahomes was simply one of the luckiest quarterbacks in terms of interceptions in 2018. Will Brinson of CBS Sports feels that the odds are stacked against Mahomes throwing 5,000 yards and 50 touchdowns in back-to-back seasons. Brinson cites the loss of Kareem Hunt and Travis Kelce’s lack of fitness as two key reasons why Mahomes will struggle to repeat last year’s performances. If Mahomes does perform below-par, the Chiefs could end up surrendering the AFC West to Los Angeles Chargers, who undoubtedly have a more balanced roster than Kansas City.

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