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Will Tyler Rausa Move From XFL Defenders to Minnesota Vikings?

Today, the Minnesota Vikings’ kicker is Dan Bailey who has been playing for the team for 3 years. Yet, lately, he’s started showing worse results. This fact can negatively affect the team. So, it is better to give a chance to a less popular but more profitable player for a better game. And it’s not only about sports. It’s also about gambling. And if for the Minnesota Vikings team, it’s better to give a chance to Tyler Rausa, for gamblers, it’s better to start playing at PlayAmo.

Tyler Rausa’s Results 

Tyler Rausa is a member of the DC Defenders selected in October 2019. The athlete shows excellent results during this period. He is especially great on the long ball. Rausa nailed a 54-yard field goal against one of the leading XFL teams the Seattle Dragons on opening day. So, if the Minnesota Vikings are looking for a sportsman for a long ball, this kicker should be their main choice.

Tyler Rausa and Snow 

The Boise State University team was one of the first football teams for Tyler Rausa. So, cold weather wasn’t a surprise for this kicker, and he kept training even in the snow like the NFC North division teams. So, the weather doesn’t affect Rausa and his results, and sometimes he can kick the snow while working out. 

He mentioned that his university team had played even during bad weather on his Instagram page. He even said that sometimes such a problem becomes an advantage. It is also one reason why he is the best new kicker for the Minnesota Vikings.

Always Ready 

As Rausa mentions, he tries training at least 5 times per week. He also includes kicking 2 or 3 times each week. It often depends on the weather. Yet, he is ready to go to the field, even if it is too windy. So, he continues improving his results daily and is always prepared for the game.

An Excellent Choice 

Although Rausa is constantly improving his skills, he has not been offered to enter Minnesota Vikings yet. Yet, today he seems to be the best choice for this NFL club. It will bring much profit for both the sportsman and the club. Tyler Rausa will go to the next level in his career, and Minnesota Vikings will improve their results in the matches by changing the veteran Dan Bailey to a younger but promising kicker.

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