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Why did Dwayne Johnson and his Business Partners invest in the XFL?

During the early stages of the Pandemic, the XFL announced they were bankrupt. WWE owner Vince McMahon had to cancel the second half of the season due to the deadly virus, and it looked like the eight-team football league was coming to an end. Just like many other business owners, McMahon found himself in financial difficulty during these unprecedented times and put the league up for sale. 

He first started the league in 2001, but unfortunately for him, the XFL was a complete flop. Much to McMahon’s disappointment, he decided to scrap the competition after only one season. He once again tried to get the league going in 2020, which also failed. The competition lost a lot of money, and the wrestling tycoon was forced to sell some of his shares in the WWE to keep the league afloat. He had also promised that the XFL was separate from his wrestling business, but it turned out that the WWE was in control of almost a quarter of the XFL shares. 

‘The Rock’ and other Investors got Involved

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and other investors decided to bid for the competition. They put $15 million of their own cash to take the company from Johnson’s former boss. When the league announced it was going bankrupt, there was supposed to be an auction, however, Johnson and his ex-wife and business partner, Dany Garcia along with other investors purchased it before it went up for auction. Shortly after the deal was approved Johnson and his group of investors became the owners of the XFL. 

Like many others, ‘The Rock’ had seen potential in the competition. If it was not for the Pandemic, many believe that the competition would have been a great success. As a former footballer himself, Johnson cared about the fans who were missing out and the players who had worked so hard to play in the tournament. 

When will the XFL Return?

Johnson has announced that the league will return in the Spring of 2022. He understands that there is a lot of work to do behind the scenes before the league returns, and he hopes to have everything ready by early next year. 

According to reports, the new investors were hoping to get the season underway during 2021, but due to the pandemic, they felt that it would be safer to wait until 2022. They don’t want to rush the season, so announcing that it will start in 2022 gives them plenty of time to plan to ensure it runs smoothly. 

Will the XFL Succeed under the Rock? 

When reports came out suggesting Dwayne Johnson and his investors were interested in taking over the competition, very few people thought the former wrestler would have been involved in the setup of the tournament. A lot of celebrities have been involved in similar ventures in the past, but they often use their name to help advertise the venture. However, it seems like Johnson is going to be hands-on with the XFL. He has spent a lot of time speaking with coaches, players, and fans about what he needs to do for the project to be a success

If The Rock does decide to get involved in the project in the long run, many believe it will grow in popularity. His work ethic is incredible, and he is a household name all around the globe. Before the league was cancelled in 2020, it was looking promising. Johnson and his investors make look to those who were involved in the setup for help. Not only were the games exciting, but what was going around the games fans found entertaining too. The quality of the games was also improving, and it seems like the broadcasters who were showing the games were getting more involved. This will also encourage online betting sites like kasyno internetowe to jump on board. 

They will need to get Broadcasters on Board

Having both Fox and Disney involved helped promote the league. These broadcasters made the game look incredible and they gave access to fans, unlike any other sport. If The Rock wants the nation to watch the league, he will need to make sure he has similar broadcasters on board. To get the competition off the ground running, he will need to rely on broadcasters for exposure. 

There have been plenty of rumours that suggest that Fox is once again interested in teaming up with XFL, but very few people are aware of the amount of money involved in the deal. However, it won’t be too surprising if the XFL looks to streaming services to air the games instead. This will allow them to sell the coverage to multiple platforms. 

What Other Businesses is the Rock Involved in?

It seems everyone knows Dwayne Johnson from his wrestling and acting career, however, he is also involved in a lot of business ventures too. Here are a few other businesses he has worked with:

  • The Rock Clock: Johnson worked extremely hard to get where he is today, and his body looks good because of the hours he puts into the gym. He gets up at 4 am every single morning, and starts working out. He realized that many others wanted to follow in his footsteps so in 2016 he created an app to help motivate others to get up early and start working out. The app helps users set goals and focus on their fitness. 
  • Teremana Tequila: Very few people who started a new business just as the pandemic began have succeeded, but the Rock managed to sell plenty of his Tequila bottles during 2020. The company began in March 2020, and he managed to sell over 300,000 bottles in the first six months
  • Seven Bucks Production: Just like the XFL, the Rock once again teamed up with his ex-wife to run this production company. The company, which is almost 10 years old, has been involved in producing lots of famous movies and television shows including Shazam and Jumanji.

Although Dwayne Johnson has proved successful in lots of different industries, the XFL might prove to be his biggest challenge yet. Johnson and his business partners may have to invest a lot more money into the competition to help it expand. 

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