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Why College Football Stars Should Consider the XFL

What does the X in XFL stand for? Having associations with the World Wrestling Entertainment, it would certainly be expected to stand for ‘Xtreme,’ but unfortunately, ‘eXtreme Football League’ was already taken. So, it turns out the officials wanted to name the league anything but NFL, which they consider stuffy and boring. This brings us to the next part; this league was started to make college football more fun. 

College Football Team Vs XFL Team

Many talented college football players are beginning to look at XFL positively since they like what is being offered. What has been established, though, and what many of them know is that it takes real work to be successful in that league. It would be completely exhausting to personally handle assignments and overall school work alongside being an XFL player, which is why sites like are becoming quite popular with players. You get free essay samples and help from professionals so you can focus on the game fully while still getting good grades.

Playing professionally while still a student actually helps in several ways. After finding a site that helps with your essays and research papers, you are then left with a little more time to sharpen your skills and learn from more seasoned pros. Both of these fields – academic and sports – feed off each other so that balancing them both makes you a better time manager.

What is XFL?

The WWE CEO Vince McMahon launched the XFL for the first time in 2001 in what he called an attempt to fill the void after Superbowl LIV. It didn’t last, but he did come back up with it again in 2018, this time promising to make the league even more interesting than the last.

A noted difference between NFL and XFL would be that the games would be under 3 hours, and the league would comprise of eight teams of two divisions. The teams would play 10 games – 5 at home and 5 away – and the two teams of each division left standing after the showdown would face off for the league championship game. The truth is that these games could take a toll on a college student since they have that commitments – school – but dedicated players can actually do it. Age plays a big role too.

Is XFL a Good Alternative for College Football Players?

One of the rules that govern the NFL is that players have to be at least three years post their high school graduation to play for the league. That is not a concern for the XFL, as it will be guided strictly by the labor laws of the state. The other issue is XFL player salaries, where usually, college players do not get paid. Their schools get cash for developments, but the players are not paid for their efforts. XFL pays about $75,000 to players on average with bonuses for active game days. A top-shape quarterback could be expected to make as much as $500,000 in one season.

While this does not measure to the standards of the NFL, even for low-ranking players, it isn’t too bad for a player who would otherwise be getting nothing. These payments are making this league popular with student players who see this as inspiration as they work their way up in the sport.

How to get from college football league to XFL

Players don’t have to do much to join XFL if they are already in college football teams. The one thing worth noting is that once one starts receiving some payments for playing, they cannot go back to regular unpaid college football because they will be considered a pro. If anything were to happen to XFL and there was a setback, its players would be left without the option to go back to amateur gaming. As it is, the players who should be entertaining the ideas to join XFL are those eligible for NFL drafting. Because of the pace of the games, college players are better placed to join this league.

Change is Good…

It may take a while for XFL to take shape, but it looks as though the train is off the station this time. College players now have a good reason to find online sources for free essay samples and people to help with their papers so they can spend a little more time in the field getting better at their game.

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