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Who Has the Best Super Bowl Predictions?

Super Bowl LVIII is still fresh in people’s minds, yet many fans are already looking forward to next year’s NFL championship.

Everyone has their favorites. Many are picking the Kansas City Chiefs to complete a three-peat; others think it will finally be the 49ers’ year, while some envision a Cinderella story and support underdog squads like the New York Giants and the Denver Broncos.

Sportsbooks have put their 2025 American football predictions on display, meaning you can already pick a team to win the LVIX Super Bowl months before the season kicks off.

But what are the best Super Bowl predictions, where can you find the fairest odds, and how do you place your first football pick online? Stick around to find out.


Sportsbooks With the Best Super Bowl Markets and Odds

The NFL and the Super Bowl are on every sportsbook’s menu in the United States. Considering that football is by far the most popular sport in the country, it stands to reason that most people who go to online sportsbooks are looking to make NFL and Super Bowl predictions.

Sportsbooks respond with a large selection of Super Bowl markets and highly competitive odds. In addition to picking the Super Bowl champion, you can make many other picks, such as the conference winner, the winning conference, the winning division, the best record in the regular season, and more, not to mention all the predictions you can make on the game itself once the participating teams are revealed.

Of course, you want to place your predictions on a sportsbook that has the best odds and, therefore, offers the highest returns. Looking for the best Super Bowl odds can be tricky, as the prices fluctuate over time, and sportsbooks adjust them according to the competition and the current flow of picks.

In other words, no single sportsbook will continually offer the best NFL odds, and you must spend considerable time odds shopping to look for the best prices and lines.


How to Start Making Super Bowl Predictions Online

If you’re new to Super Bowl predictions, we suggest you start slowly and get some practice. 

For instance, you can begin by setting up an account at Sportzino, a social sportsbook that enables you to make NFL picks for free. You can join in minutes, claim free coins as a new customer, and make picks on various sports and markets without spending a single penny.

Once you have mastered the basics and feel ready, you can find a traditional online sportsbook and make your predictions in the following way:

  1. Locate a legit US online sportsbook and create an account using your details.
  2. Pick up the sportsbook’s welcome bonus. Special promotions are usually on offer in time for the Super Bowl.
  3. Find the NFL on the list of sports and head over to the outrights markets to review all early Super Bowl predictions.
  4. Make your pick by clicking on the odds and filling out the slip.

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