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Which UK bookmakers will provide bets on when the USFL begins?

The USFL is the exciting new football league set to kick off in April 2022. It features 8 teams split into 2 divisions. And all of the games will play out in Birmingham Alabama.

Some fans may remember the old league by the same name from back in the 80s. But apart from sharing the name, this league is completely unique.

The league is receiving over $150 million USD in investment from its owner, Fox Sports. Outside investors are now jumping on board to get involved for the inaugural season. It looks set to be a big deal state-side. And sports betting interest is set to play a key part in the league’s potential success.

The last time around, betting in the US was a very difficult subject. As a result, the initial USFL suffered greatly from the lack of money from the gambling industry.

Sponsorship deals add multi-million dollar injections into the teams. And many think that it’s a deal that the new league simply can’t do without.

Previous betting laws stateside

For the longest time, sports betting and other types of gambling have had a tough time with the federal government. But the last few years have seen major changes. The central government recently handed over control to the separate states. And this had led to many states opening up their betting activity.

And many states are getting on board with the new league and pushing for legal betting on their own turf.

Latest USFL gambling laws

The USFL announced in March 2022 that 15 states will now have the option to accept bets on the new spectacle. And this is great news for not only new teams involved in the league but sports betting fans too.

There will be a ton of action available over the 10-week season. Moreover, loads of different markets are starting to open up.

USFL bet types

Pre-season, the main betting interest surrounds the league winners and point scorers. As the league is still in its early days and nobody has touched a ball yet, it’s hard for punters to commit to anything more exotic right now.

Many of the players are young guys looking to score tuition fees for their college degrees. As such, they don’t have much of a record for punters to relate to just yet. But it looks set to burst into life once the first few games get underway.

After that, we expect to see all of the regular football betting options including in-play bets as well.

Football betting in the UK

For UK fans, the sport has always been referred to as American football. This is obviously due to the use of football for what Americans call soccer.

But that hasn’t stopped a massive amount of gambling interest in the sport across the Atlantic.

UK punters can access all kinds of wagers at UK betting sites. And this remains the only zone where they can place their bets. The laws are strict and this keeps the actions tightly stationed at online betting brands with a valid UKGC licence.

For an overview of UK licensed betting sites, go to This resource will show you exactly where you can find the best betting sites that accept any type of sports-based gambling.

Expected interest in the UK

Sports fans in the UK enjoy a close bond with American football. Many fans follow the sport from a young age. And at present, the main interest lies in the NFL rather than College Football.

It’s unsure exactly how fans will receive the new league. But it is starting to generate quite a lot of excitement as the first season draws closer.

So we expect to see a good deal of betting action over the coming weeks.

Added benefits of using UK gambling sites

Apart from the fact that it’s the only legal choice for UK punters, there are still plenty of benefits to placing bets in this zone.

Firstly, years of experience for UK bookmakers gives them an advantage over US sites. They can call upon their many years in the industry to produce some of the best odds and most exciting bets.

UK markets have a fantastic reputation for generating ingenious betting options. So you can get top singles bets on markets such as outright winners and league champions. Furthermore, there will be a ton of exotic bets and acca options also.

Secondly, UK punters can expect loads of awesome welcome deals at their local betting sites.

Gambling sites in the UK have a long-standing history with signup bonuses. As a result, customers can score plenty of free bets and other incentives when they create an account. So trying out USFL betting in the UK will have plenty of perks.

Check out some of the top operators on display via the above link. And you too could grab a bundle of freebies to start you off in a potentially winning way with this exciting new league.

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