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What Do Athletes and Gamblers Have In Common?

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We tend to put athletes on a pedestal. The achievements of Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes can make ours look minuscule, but in reality, athletes have many common characteristics. This reality is especially true when it comes to the gambling industry. Athletes try to win competitions like the Super Bowl. Gamblers try to win games like blackjack. Either way, both are in a competitive atmosphere. As a result, we’ve come to realize there are common traits amongst gamblers and athletes.

Both Keep Their Eye On The Prize

There is a reason why Tom Brady is the best. As much as he focuses on the game itself, Brady also has an immense discipline. He pays attention to the details, which has led him to long-term success – seven Super Bowl wins, to be exact. The 43-year-old dad of three eats an organic, plant-based diet with no processed foods. He also works out four to five days a week during the off-season.

In many ways, the smartest gamblers are the same. While they focus on the games, they also have discipline. Gamblers also pay attention to the details so that they have better chances of success. For instance, gamblers keep one eye on their functioning bankroll. A bankroll is the amount of money put aside for gambling. By focusing on it as much as the games, gamblers can improve their overall performance. 

Source: Unsplash

Both Have People Trying To Help Them Get The Best Deals

Companies are always proposing equity or endorsement deals to athletes. It becomes hard for them to know which to pick, but that’s why athletes have teams of lawyers and agents who figure out which is the best deal for them. They do so by compiling clear and reliable information. This was even the case when Liverpool FC was allowed to leave New Balance for Nike in 2019. Lawyers advised Liverpool that Nike offered them the best deal: using its superstar athletes like Lebron James to promote its merchandise. 

Gamblers have a similar support system. Online casinos offer many bonuses to attract new and returning customers. But it becomes hard to know which is the best. That’s why comparison sites compile the best offerings. For instance, if a gambler wants to play at a casino that offers progressive jackpot slots, they can check out the review here to see which casinos not only offer these games but three-stage deposit bonuses as well. For both athletes and gamblers, there are always people trying to win them over. However, sometimes, this can get overwhelming. That’s why agents and comparison sites can help point them in the right direction of the best deal.

Both Crave Intense Stimulus

Both gamblers and athletes show a desire for intense engagement. For instance, skiers get this intensity from jumping off a cliff. Footballers get it from making a touchdown, and gamblers get it by seeing the sums of the money they bet potentially returning a win at the table.

We might not all win seven Super Bowls in our lives or hit the jackpot seven times. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t common traits between those involved in competitive industries. Focusing on the details, having people around you that want you to succeed as much as you do, and having a natural desire for excitement are only a handful.

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