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Types of American Football Bets

American football offers plenty of active and liquid betting markets to bettors. When it comes to main events and competitions, bettors can either go for standard moneyline or else perform riskier bets.

Sports betting is becoming more and more popular along the years, just like online gambling at new online casino sites right here. Here are some of the most common types of bets in American football.

Outright markets

This type of American football betting involves the bettor predicting an outcome for the entire leg of a competition or even the entire season. This is also known as future bets. Since these take a longer time to be determined, these types of bets pay at a higher margin of profit. With higher possibility rewards come higher risks as things can easily change over time.

Conference winner

Here you will bet on which college for a certain conference you predict will be the winner by the end of the conference year.

Division winner

There are four division in each conference – North, East, West, and South. At the end of each season, there will be four division champions according to their place standing.

Super Bowl winner

This is a simple bet. Here you will place your bet on the team that you think will win the Super Bowl of that year.

Match markets

This type of betting is where all the newbie bettors tend to go. This yields the most results in a short time span and the system is not complicated at all. They are called match bets since you are betting on who you think will win the match. You might even bet on other aspects or details of the match by the end of it.


Here you will be betting on who will win the match. No other details are needed to win this bet – simply the choice of winner. Most newbie bettors tend to resort to this type of bet.

Point spread

There are various types of points spread bets. However, to put it simple, it is similar to the moneyline bet in the sense that you are predicting who will win the match. However, here you will also be predicting the score difference between the two teams. You can also bet for the losing team with a number of points spread them need to get to become the losing team.


A simple and straightforward bet. In this type of bet, you simply have to place your money on whether you think the total score of both teams combined by the end of the game is over or under a certain number. In result of a tie which result to overtime, this score will not be considered in this bet.


Parlays are more complicated than moneyline, points spread, or totals bet. This is a combination of more than one bet, and you will need to have two conditions fulfilled for the bet to result in a payout.


A parlay with a modified point spread. They sound more complicated, but you will quickly get used to the idea of it and it can be a fun way to bet for a match too.


This type of bet is betting on the players landing on the first of something such as doing a specific play or achieving something such as the first touchdown.


These are not about the outcome of the game. Prop bets take away the pressure of strategy that comes with betting on results. These bets are simple and harmless such as betting on yards total, first score of the game, last score of the game, Super Bowl prop, etc.

Drafts markets

Betting here is mostly about the first pick on the draft. Here you will bet on the player to be the first one picked for this year’s draft. Usually, bookies will be able to reveal the present odds with the names of players that are the most popular to be chosen.

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