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Top Ten Fastest Players of All Time in the NFL

There are a few simple ways to learn more about the top ten fastest players in the NFL. One way is to search it in Google just like you’re searching top mobile casino sites. Another way is to read this article. We offer you to look at our list of players which we concluded based on the speed and agility statistics of players. Some players have gained fame for their speed while others through their records or participation in Olympic Games.

There are the NFL fastest players that show good results on 40-yard dash. But the thing is the fastest 40-yard dash times aren’t always shown by the fastest NFL players. Their speed isn’t always the same once they wear shoulder pads and a helmet. So, we combined speed and in-game speed. That is how we’ve determined the fastest players in the NFL today as of 2023.

Top 10 Fastest Players in the History of NFL

Before diving into detail, let us offer you to take a look at the list below.

10. DeSean Jackson, Wide Receiver

9. Marquise Goodwin, Wide Receiver

8. Randy Moss, Wide Receiver

7. John Ross, Wide Receiver

6. Ike Taylor, Cornerback

5. Joey Galloway, Wide Receiver

4. Bo Jackson, Running Back

3. Bob Hayes, Split End

2. Tyreek Hill, Wide Receiver

1. Darrell Green, Cornerback

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1.      Darrell Green

We started our list with Darrell Green, “the Ageless Wonder”, and a former football player. Considered one of the greatest cornerbacks in NFL history, Green is also known for his speed.

Green debuted in the NFL in 1983.

2.      Tyreek Hill

Number 2 goes to Tyreek Hills, a 28-year-old wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs drafted him in 2016.

Hill is one of the best wide receivers ever. His career awards include:

·         Super Bowl champion (LIV),

·         First-team All-Pro for three times,

·         Second-team All-Pro

·         Pro Bowl for six times.

Also, he recorded a 4.29 40-yards dash in West Alabama’s Pro Day.

3.      Bob Hayes

For old-heads, Bob Hayes deserves to be the number one on this list. New fans probably don’t even know who this is.

Bob Hayes is the only person to ever win the Olympic Gold Medal and Super Bowl in a lifetime. Nobody will ever accomplish it again. He has officially become the fastest man on the planet. His world record is still intact.

When we say Bullet Bob, we mean the man way ahead of time. In 2009, Hayes was included into the Pro Football Hall of fame. We hope to see him on popular NFL slots on online casino gambling sites.

4.      Bo Jackson

Bo Jackson is a freak of nature, a true what-if story. His time of 4.12 on the 40-yard dash is the best ever recorded. Considering he was 225 pounds, that’s impressive.

Bo Jackson could run through defenders and then run away from them. That’s why he even finished a full season. If it wasn’t about injuries, he might have had a long and successful career. Hope we’ll be able to see him at the first NFL-themed slot machines on fast cashout casino sites.

5.      Joey Galloway

Here is another former professional player, Joey Galloway. The Seattle Seahawks drafted him as a wide receiver in the NFL in 1995. After that, he immediately impacted the team. His franchise season records for a rookie are:

·         67 receptions

·         1,067 receiving yards

·         100-yard games.

In his pro career, Galloway was also signed by Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He retired in 2010.

6.      Ike Taylor

Our number 6 is Ike Taylor, a former football cornerback. Drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2003, he played there for 12 seasons. His whole career is tied to this team.

The Steelers selected Taylor for his rare combination of size and speed. His record on the 40-yard dash is 4.18 sec.

However, his potential has not been fully realized. Ike was even called the worst pick in the team’s history. Among other awards, he won two Super Bowl championships. Want to see him on winning lines of the NFL slots on quick withdrawal online casino sites?          

7.      John Ross

A wide receiver for the New York Giants, John Ross is next on our list. He was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals in 2017. During his study at the University of Washington, he played football.

Ross has beaten Chris Johnson’s record at 40-yard dash. His record is 4.22-second. It is still intact at the NFL Combine.

Ross was also ranked by ESPN as the third-best broad receiver prospect in the draft. His pro debut was against the Houston Texans on September 14, 2017. An injured shoulder has plagued Ross throughout his career. So, he still should reinforce his position in the NFL.

8.      Randy Moss

Randy Moss’s nickname was “the Super Freak”. His athleticism had never before been seen for a player of his size. It was a quick path for him to be regarded as one of the greatest wide receivers of all time.

His straight-line speed to beat defenders and the vertical leaping ability to jump over them have made him unique in his position. So, it’s worth mentioning the NFL saying: Don’t get “Mossed”. Better go to the finest casino sites.

While most people remember his catching and jumping ability, he was way ahead of his time due to the ability to run faster than anyone else with the ball in his hands. No one was able to move the way Randy Moss did.

9.      Marquise Goodwin

Next on this list is a 32-year-old Marquise Goodwin playing for the Chicago Bears. He is a wide receiver and kicks returner there. The mention should be made that he was an Olympian. So there is no doubt he is one of the fastest NFL players in history.

The Buffalo Bills drafted him in the 2013 NFL Draft. Like other athletes on this list, he also played college football. Goodwin was the fastest player in the draft with the record of 4.27 at 40-yard dash.

10. DeSean Jackson

DeSean Jackson is another proof that the 40-yard dash shouldn’t be the only metric to choose the fastest player in the NFL. There is nothing special about a 4.35 40-yard dash time. In the NFL, only in-game speed matters.

When in shoulder pads and on the football field, Jackson becomes rapid either with or without the ball in his hands.

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