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Top NFL YouTube Channels to Watch

We have seen sports fans getting excited about the season of sports but once the season is over they keep missing it. On the contrary, some all-season sports never go out of fashion. You can enjoy these sports every day and there is no off-season. On weekdays, weekends, even when everything is in full holiday spirit, these sports will keep you entertained regardless of the time or day. One of the all-season sports that everyone seems to love and get enough of is the NFL.

From big celebrities to the kids who enjoy some sports in their leisure time everyone is crazy about the NFL. This growing popularity has convinced entertainment companies to launch dedicated sports channels to cover NFL. Moreover, social media sites and video-sharing platforms are also taking the lead in this domain as the leading video-sharing platform, YouTube has so many different sports channels that are solely dedicated to the NFL. From daily news, views, and updates about the team to live coverage of the events, you will get to enjoy everything via these YouTube channels.

The best thing about these YouTube channels is that they post regularly and cost nothing. You just need your smartphone and a good internet connection and you are good to go.  However, for the internet keep in mind that only unlimited data will help you enjoy endless content of your choice. If you are looking for a good internet that offers affordable internet without any limit, we recommend Optimum Internet.

Now that your internet is all sorted, let’s look at some of the best NFL YouTube channels that every NFL lover must follow.

Top NFL YouTube Channels to Watch[SA1] 

1-    NFL

Subscribers: 11.3 M

Videos: 30k

Content Variety: Latest News, Score Details, Highlights and Controversies

Most active and best YouTube channel for every possible juicy NFL detail that you can ask for. This channel will offer you complete information about the past, present, and future of the NFL taking you to the latest news and views to offer you details about the ongoing game.

Moreover, this channel also offers highlights of your recent games so you do not miss out on details. The channels maintain the quality, upload the best content and their frequency is good as well. Moreover, you will hardly see any fake news as they stick to the highest standard of sports journalism.

2-    NFL Network

Subscribers: 601K

Videos: 2.4K

Content Variety: live coverage, broadcast, highlights, player interview, profiles, and analysis of the game

Since there is no off-season for NFL, most fans look for channels that keep them informed regardless of what is going on and how important it is. If you are also a fanatic who loves NFL, you need to subscribe NFL network. The channels offer everything NFL for their views. You will find the HD broadcast with the latest views, reviews, and detailed analysis.

Moreover, you will also get players’ profiles in detail along with expert analysis of the game and the technique of the players. This channel is recommended for players, beginners, experts, and fans as well. With their year-round coverage, you will get to learn a lot and you will stay updated throughout the NFL evolution.

3-    NFL Throwback

Subscribers: 787K

Videos: 1.2K

Content Variety: old highlights, history, best matches, throwbacks, and iconic moments

Who would not like to get complete and authentic news from the right source? If you also want to get the best and most recent updates, this is the perfect channel for you to explore. It is the official YouTube channel of the NFL that offers in detail information about the best matches, GOAT moments, and iconic commentaries in the NFL.

For a beginner who is still discovering about NFL, this match will offer you a summary of everything that you need to keep in mind. In addition, if you are someone who likes nostalgia, this channel will take you back to the classic NFL games with golden moments and fun rivalries that shaped NFL the way it is today.

4-    NFL Films

 Subscribers: 1.22M

Videos: 1.6K

Content Variety: detailed skill-based videos, interviews, BTS videos, and technical knowledge questions

Most people like to watch highlights while others just want to get through the match. However, if you are a fan who breathes and lives NFL, this is a perfect YouTube channel that you must subscribe to. The channel has the best collection of behind the scene videos along with some candid moments with the players.

You will get to learn a lot about the game, the players, and their personalities. Apart from this, the channel uploads long-form and short-form content so you can choose whatever suits your needs and taste.

Bottom Line

YouTube is an open platform that allows everyone to make a channel and share their opinions. However, keep in mind that these opinions and reviews may vary and there can be biased involved. Moreover, the owner of the channels might support or prefer one team to the other. This is the reason it is better to stay away from fake news and stick to authentic sources only. The above-mentioned channels are some of the best and most authentic sources to get your news and updates.

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