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Top 3 XFL Stars Not In The NFL

Everyone knows the XFL is full of talented players. Some of them came from the NFL and others never made it there. There are three star players in the XFL that aren’t in the NFL, but their talent level is still high. They are Marquette King, Cam Phillips and Steven Johnson.

Marquette King
Marquette King was a punter who played for the St. Louis BattleHawks. Recently, he’s been pursued by the fans of many NFL teams, including the Pittsburgh Steelers. It’s because his talent level is so high and that he spent seven years in the NFL where he played for the Raiders and the Broncos. The only thing that slowed King down while he was with the Broncos was a thigh injury.

Still, he’s a top talent in the XFL and remains a free agent that can be scooped up by a team like the Pittsburgh Steelers at almost any time. King has tweeted multiple times that he’s looking to get back into the NFL because that’s where he belongs. Between 2013 and 2017 while playing with the Raiders, King had an amazing average of 46.8 yards per punt. King’s future is still yet to be determined but one thing for certain is that he is a star player with amazing talent in the XFL.

A good punter is valuable to any NFL team and the kicking game has known to be finicky in the NFL. One week a team loves their punter and the next week they’re ready to get rid of him. It would be no surprise to anyone if King landed back on an NFL roster in the near future.

Cam Phillips
Cam Phillips was a wide receiver who played for the Houston Roughnecks and a few months ago was expected to sign a deal with the Carolina Panthers. It’s because Phillips blew up last season as one of the leading wide receivers in the XFL and attracted a lot of attention while doing it. He’s a strong, fast wide receiver with a remarkable ability to catch the ball.

His skill set is huge and what makes him really dangerous is that he’s a deep threat to any team that he plays against. His stat line from his last season in the XFL proves why he was the best receiver in the league: He led the XFL in receptions with 31, receiving yards with 455 and touchdowns with 9. The most impressive part about all of this is that he did it in only five games. In general, last year the wide receiver led the XFL in almost every stat possible.

If you’re a fan of betting and you see that Phillips is being signed to an NFL team, it would be smart to back your team because he’s sure to go off. His accolades in the XFL show his value. He was chosen as the Star of the Week for consecutive weeks multiple times by fans and has a highlight tape that is unbelievable. He’s also on the XFL’s list of top 100 players not signed by the NFL.

It’s actually a major question to many fans of the XFL and NFL of why Phillips is still a free agent. Not many receivers in the league that are on Phillips’ level. He’s a speedy playmaker that attracts a lot of attention by his great ability.

Steven Johnson
Steven Johnson is a linebacker for the Seattle Dragons. He’s a veteran in the XFL and puts up great numbers like leading the XFL in tackles (48) and tackles for loss (6). If that’s not enough, he made a strong case for XFL defensive player of the year and is a huge run stopper in the XFL.

His ability to running backs and tight ends so well makes him lethal when it comes to being a huge part of any team’s defense. Many fans argue that the Seattle Dragons’ entire defense depended on the performance of Johnson. A lot of this talent and success in the XFL comes from Johnson’s hard work and his past experience in the NFL.

He spent six seasons in the NFL with the Denver Broncos, Tennesse Titans, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Baltimore Ravens. It’s fair to say that Johnson has had his fair time in the NFL and he brings that experience to the XFL. Still, everyone is waiting for another NFL team to take a shot at Johnson because of his performance on the field and his veteran experience.

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