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Top 3 NFL Streaming Services for 2023

Autumn, or as they call it in America, fall, is the season of football. It is a fast, exciting, and nostalgic football season. Fans from all the various states and cities gather together in the fall to share their love for football.

There is no doubt that watching the NFL live is just a whole other experience, but let’s face it. Not everyone is able to get tickets on time and nor do most of them have the time to actually go and watch NFL live.

So, how can you enjoy the NFL season? Well, you can always get a cable TV subscription that has all your favorite football channels and live ones as well. If you are thinking about it, we would highly recommend Xfinity TV. In fact, you can even bundle it with one of the many Xfinity Internet deals.

However, if you have just recently ditched or do not want to get a cable TV subscription, you can still watch NFL games through the various online streaming services. That said, not every streaming service offers live sports.

Therefore, in this article, we will be sharing the best of NFL streamers that will elevate your NFL TV experience. With these NFL streaming platforms, you will no longer have to miss any heart-pounding NFL moments!

Let’s get started!

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is perhaps one of the best NFL streaming services online. More than just it being a streaming service, it is by far the most popular sports streaming service. YouTube TV offers more than 100 channels that you can watch at any time.

You could be thinking that YouTube TV might just have mundane channels that no one actually watches, but in reality, it has channels like FOX and NBC! Moreover, if you are a Spanish speaker, YouTube TV also has a fair number of Spanish channels for you to tune into.

In addition, you can also add on premium channels, but you should be willing to pay more. Coming back to sports, YouTube TV is big on the NFL, with it being an NFL Sunday Ticket provider. You get to stream channels like the NFL Network and ESPN.

You can get the NFL Sunday Ticket Bundled or Standalone. That said, YouTube TV isn’t a cost-friendly streaming service, but if you are an NFL fan, this will be well worth your money.


Hulu is yet another great sports streaming service. Hulu has Live TV that includes all the channels you need when it comes to NFL games, such as NBC, CBS, FOX, and CBS. That’s a good number of channels you can enjoy during the NFL season.

Hulu has also added the NFL Network Channels and you can also add on premium Sports channels such as NFL RedZone. Hulu is not exclusively for the NFL, it is very much a proper sports streaming service.

Moreover, just like YouTube TV, Hulu also offers Spanish channels for its Spanish-speaking customers. Hulu + Live TV is generally an easy and good choice for people who enjoy streaming services.

In addition, Hulu also has a Cloud DVR that allows you to record and save them if you want to re-watch or miss any NFL game. Hulu is also known for its HD content, so you will enjoy having the feeling of watching the game live, in person.

Amazon Prime

If you are an avid lover of a good Thursday Night Football, you should definitely consider Amazon Prime. Why? Because it is an excellent streaming service for all NFL games. In fact, there are many online forums that hail Amazon Prime as the best streaming service out there.

Amazon Prime has built its position because of its originals and free delivery. If you are a sports fan, NFL in particular, you will genuinely have fun with Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime has the NFL Network and also has the NBA League Pass. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.

Moreover, with Amazon Prime, you get premium access to Thursday Night Football, the one thing most streaming service providers don’t offer. You can also listen to and download sports podcasts.

In addition, you can order some snacks through Amazon Prime just before you turn into Thursday Night Football. It’s a win-win solution!

All in All

Well, there you go!

We know there are plenty of other sports streaming services online, but YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV, and Amazon Prime are the undisputed winners among the tight competition out there.

When it comes to picking a sports streaming service, especially for the NFL season, you need to consider a service that is not only budget-friendly, but will satisfy all your sports cravings. There is no point in paying for an over-the-top subscription when you know you won’t be utilizing it thoroughly.

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