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Top 12 Reasons Why NFL is The Best Sport to Watch with Friends

There are many sports to watch with friends. Hockey, soccer, and baseball are great. But the most entertaining sport to watch on TV is football.

The NFL is a national pride of the United States. Football bets are some of the most popular in a $1 deposit casino. Despite the debates about game violence and rowdy fans, American football has remained the most loved sport. Its fandom is growing every year. Most people do not need a reason to watch the NFL matches with friends. But for those who need, here are a dozen of them.

1.     Match-Day Bars

Nothing brings people together as much as watching a football match at a bar. It suffices to take a look at all these strangers hugging each other after every single goal, let alone victory. You instantly become friends with everyone who wears the same team colors as you. For sure, the match-day bar is the best viewing experience with friends for the NFL.

2.     Sharing the Best Moments

Yeah, it’s nice to watch football at the stadium, but watching it on TV is even better, and for a good reason.

Firstly, not all of your friends have season tickets. Secondly, you double your emotions when sharing them with friends. In this case, watching your favorite team on TV might even be a better way to enjoy the game. Football is the only sport that can grab the attention of the whole company at every single moment.

3.     Weekly Challenge

When it comes to the NFL, you can rest assured knowing that your team is playing on Thursday, Sunday, or Monday. It’s easy to plan the entire week around those days.

You know exactly on what day to buy beer and chips. Having only one game per week like in the case of the NFL matches makes watching it on TV with friends even more entertaining. You only have one day to put all plans at bay and catch your team playing.

4.     Long Stretches with No Adds

During the NFL game, there can be quite long stretches with no advertisement. One must agree that commercials are good, but watching the game is much, much better. One of the best channels to watch NFL matches is

5.      Only the Best Commercials

We know commercials don’t have anything to do with the actual game of football. But if you’re watching football in a good company, you’d like to be entertained during the game’s break.

None of the sports have such types of ads as football does. Does anyone here watch the NBA Finals because of the breaks for commercials?

6.     Fabulous Commentators

Let us assure you that the NFL has the best commentator of all popular sports. They make the best pregame, halftime, and postgame shows. They are fantastic. Just say which of them is your favorite:

·         Joe Buck

·         Terry Bradshaw

·         Phil Simms

·         Greg Gumbel

Can’t pick? Neither can we! No other sport has such a fabulous game analysis or play-by-play as American football. Many people would rather watch any of the NFL commentators than ‘60 Minutes’.

7.     Answers to Many Questions

You know what we are talking about. By watching the NFL on TV, you get all possible statistics throughout, regardless of the game you happen to be watching.

Not only are you keeping an eye on your favorite team. You are also aware of your fantasy team. How many points has Bryce Young put up? Who is the First Quarterback, Wide Receiver, and Defensive Player this week?

You get all these and other answers while enjoying football on TV. Even if you don’t gamble on games, it’s easy to place bets on the NFL even at Watching a game that you have a stake in can make it more exciting. You and your friends will be cheering when your team wins big.

8.     Stories of a Big Success

Football has some really good Cinderella stories that the fans can truly identify with. One must agree that the NFL has a fair amount of talent in every game. NFL teams feature a wide variety of players who can perform incredible athletic feats.

All in all, the NFL is full of Cinderella stories that all know and love. We bet you love to talk about it with friends.

9.     Rivalries

Rivalries are in every sport. But none of them are more intense than those in football:

·         Packers – Bears

·         Raiders – Steelers

·         Redskins – Cowboys

Indeed, the point of the game is to hit the other team as hard as you can. In football, rivalries bring to the table the best out of them. It feels like a playoff atmosphere, doesn’t it? And that’s more exciting than any other sport can offer.

10.  Thanksgiving Traditions

Nothing is as exciting as Thanksgiving football. The truth is that there are no days of the year when we gather our families and friends together to play basketball or baseball due to a holiday.

But on Thanksgiving, families and companies across the nation go out to play America’s favorite sport. It is just a tradition that everyone looks forward to every year.

Played enough and tired? Then grab a piece of turkey and sit down in front of a TV to watch football all together. Isn’t that the best day of the year? We think so!

11.  The Super Bowl

What is the Super Bowl? It is a game that has been considered a national holiday for ages. It can be defined as “no tomorrow”.

Even people that do not watch TV watch the Super Bowl. It is one of the most significant events in the world of sports. The Super Bowl draws over a hundred million viewers from across the globe. It has practically reached a national holiday status in the US.

The commercials are second to none. The halftime show is epic and adds to the magnitude of the sporting spectacle. More food is consumed on Super Sunday than on Thanksgiving. Seriously, how can you watch it alone?

12.  NFL as part of American tradition

On Sundays, the entire America watches football. The rest of the week, people discuss it. Sunday Football is a tradition. Every Sunday during the season, fans across the country would gather to watch a game either at the stadium or TV, regardless of who is playing. It is just like Thanksgiving. For the majority of Americans, Thanksgiving isn’t complete without playing football or watching the holiday games on TV with family and friends.

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