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The XFL Is Planning Its Return, Will It Succeed?

Will the XFL Rise as a Viable Football League in the US

American football is not only growing – it can hardly be contained to just the National Football League. Known for its high entry barrier, the NFL is not as accommodating to all athletes as people think. But don’t worry, because a solution has been found. The XFL is one of the greatest alternatives to date, and while the league has had a rough getting started, it’s certainly not going anywhere now. Like live roulette for US players, the XFL has a staying power that will appeal to casual and hardcore football fans alike. Let’s take a look at the things that have helped the XFL get started and when we can expect the first season to arrive.

1.  Need for More Semi-Professional American Football

With the NFL having a long off-season, many fans have asked for more action to get their hands on. Since the NFL doesn’t host off-season events, a new league has been created, and that is where the XFL comes in. The league is serious and very competitive, but unlike its NFL counterpart, it’s not as “cut-throat,” and many players may find it slightly more appealing because the personal sacrifices made are fewer than to play in the NFL.

Does this mean that the quality of football is any worse? Hardly so – the XFL still attracts some of the top college prospects quickly, making it a viable option for you to enjoy if you are really into football and want to try your hand at progressing to professional football, for example. However, the league is still facing some challenges – after it was canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic, it has not restarted still, and 2022 may be the year it does return.

2.  What Are the Challenges for the XFL?

The XFL will rise, and interest in the league is already climbing, but there are still some hurdles that need addressing. For one, there is some skepticism among fans. Many NFL fans still don’t trust XFL as a worthy successor or even an addition to the football calendar. They tend to doubt the athletes’ ability to deliver top-notch performance, but they are in the wrong.

The XFL is planned to be fully competitive, even though the entry barrier is much lower, allowing many athletes to continue pursuing their competitive drives. The NFL itself may deny it, but the XFL may prove a fertile recruiting ground, and the level of competition in the league will only improve over time.

So, if there is one serious challenge that we need to define right now, that is overcoming the initial skepticism towards the league. The XFL already aired before the pandemic, but live attendance and games were suspended entirely because of how things panned out for most sports in 2020, making for a hard call.

Nevertheless, the XFL has not given up on the idea of giving it best shot, even though the prolonged hiatus definitely killed some of its initial momenta.

3.  When Is the XFL Returning Then?

There are still many unknowns around the XFL, and a return date is one of those things. For starters, the XFL was planned to make its comeback in 2021, but the league confirmed that it would be putting things on the backburner. Then, another report by Fox Sports came through in March, with the XFL arguing that it’s still in conversation with the CFL for a potential return date in the spring of 2022.

If so, the league would be able to run right after the Super Bowl, offering football fans more sports to enjoy, and particularly American football. Things are still a little uncertain, but there seems to be an unending drive towards seeing the league back through. The good news is that the XFL is not actually planning to withdraw from competitive football at all.

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