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The Top American Football Betting Strategies

American football is one of the top sports around. In fact, it is the most popular sports in the USA with almost 100 million people watching the Super Bowl in 2019. Football is also popular in other countries in the world, including the UK, with 3.5 billion fans worldwide.

American football betting, just like any betting on other sports is a form of luck and chance. However, that is not to say that you are never in control of your winnings. With enough knowledge of the game that you are betting on and its betting system, you can make smarter bets and increase your chances of making a profit for each bet, if not increase your chances of winning.

Here are some tips and tricks on the best American football betting strategies. If you are looking for the best bonus betting sites, you will find one here at

Get familiar with statistics

Knowing the game is not only about getting to know game rules and mechanics. As with all sports, American football is all about numbers and you can learn to use these numbers to your advantage. Check out official sites for helpful and up-to-date statistics for each individual player, as well as the current team in the season played. Statistics for previous seasons will also be available so that you can track the record of players and/or teams.

Try to find patterns and correlations between statistics and successful wagers. You can also keep count of your fiction bets when you come up with a strategy to see if these bets yield a positive outcome. If so, you can then move on to trying them with real money.

Bet on familiar teams and competitions

Do not bet blindly and simply hope for the best. Study the statistics and standings of each game and formulate your judgment based on logic and not personal opinions. Bet with your mind and not your heart. A smart choice is dependant on the factors and not your personal favourite. Sometimes, you will need to bet against your favourite team.

Learn that the news can affect your betting

Game development is not only what happens on the field. Developments and news can affect the betting market, adjusting the odds from time to time. Stay aware of the news and keep updated about the upcoming game. News of management change, retiring or returning players, as well as injuries are something that you should look out for.

Study your players

A good bet is a strategic bet. Know how to study the playing side, field record and the team’s form as well as that of individual players. This approach will help you gain a better perspective in predicting the outcomes for the upcoming game.

Consider the home advantage

The home advantage is not a myth. It can definitely make or break the game. Research has shown to back this up when players are playing home versus when playing away. Team playing away from their homebase will have an immediate disadvantage due to travel fatigue, time zone difference, crowd effect, and even a possible bias from officials. Not all home advantages are equal.

Don’t bet on people favourites

One of the biggest mistakes, especially with newbie sports bettors, is to bet on the common favourites. Since these have a good track record of winning, it will not give your bet that much value. You will need to wager a huge amount of money for you to make a profit with these bets since they will be given a small margin for profit due to the number of people betting on them.

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