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The NFL on Minimums or What Is the XFL

It was recently revealed that the league plans to return in early 2022. This is good news for all fans of American soccer. It’s great that the league has its own official app, where you can keep track of what’s going on and how it’s going. It’s very convenient because any app on your phone, whether it’s the league app or the PlayAmo Casino app, or anything else, can be customized and synced to your gadget.

Who Plays in the XFL?

Currently, the Dallas Renegades, Houston Roughnecks, Los Angeles Wildcats, Seattle Dragons, D.C. Defenders (that’s Washington if you will), New York Guardians, Tampa Bay Vipers and St. Louis BattleHawks play in the league. As you may have guessed, only St. Louis doesn’t have an NFL team, although the Rams were based there until 2016. 

The highlight of the XFL is its ninth team, appropriately named Team 9. It is based in Arlington, Texas. In essence, it is a farm club for the entire league. No more than 40 players may be on the team at any one time and each of them must be ready to take a spot on the current XFL team at any time. 

Are There Any Differences From the NFL in Terms of Gameplay?

The first is the kickoff rules. In XFL kickoffs, all members of the receiving team, except the rater, are on their own 30 yards. And the members of the kicking team, except the kicker, are only 5 yards away from the receivers, on their 35 yards. All players except the kicker and the rater are prohibited from moving until the rater catches the ball or until 3 seconds have passed since the ball hit the turf. 

The second is the overtime rules. In the XFL, overtime takes place (or rather will take place in the future) as an adapted version of the penalty shootout in soccer or the shootout in hockey. 

The third is the extra point rules. In the XFL, a team can score one, two or three points after a touchdown. And in each case, they have to play the combination. Unlike in the NFL, where one point is earned by kicking a field goal, in the XFL a team has to play a combination from the 2-yard line to score. To earn 2 points, you have to play a 5-yard combination. And to earn 3 points – from 10 yards.

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