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The Best XFL Players to Move to the NFL

After shutting down just five weeks in its inaugural season, the XFL closed its operations soon after. It filed for bankruptcy in April 2020, but was saved later in August by a team led by Hollywood star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The Rock now owns a portion of the XFL and will definitely use his image to grow the league when it returns.

We’re not really sure when that happens, with play suspended until 2023. However, when the league returns, it will be rebuilt from the ground up and will be a fertile ground for next NFL stars.

There are several players who have already made the jump to the NFL, and in this article, we’re going to see how they performed since then.

PJ Walker

Phillip “P.J” Walker is a quarterback who is currently on the active roster for the Carolina Panthers. Before coming to the NFL, P.J. Walker was the star of the XFL, leading the league in touchdowns and passing yards. He was the best player on any roster by a mile, drawing interest from many NFL teams.

He was signed by the Carolina Panthers and although no one expected him to be a starter, he featured prominently for the team, making his first start in late 2020. His stats won’t break any NFL matches in-play betting records, but he certainly has the quality to play for the Panthers.

Storm Norton

Before Norton came in the XFL, he had a few stints in the NFL in 2017 and 2018. After failing to secure a deal, he came to the new football league and immediately became the top offensive linesman for the Wildcats.

Storm Norton is still 25 and with his 6-8, 308 pounds frame, he was an easy pick for the Los Angeles Chargers. He has only played in 6 games so far in the NFL, but these stats will definitely improve in the future.

Colin Thompson

A tight end who went undrafted in the NFL in 2017, Thompson found himself a home with the Tampa Bay Vipers in the XFL in 2020. He was a steal for the Vipers and immediately showcased his talent and quality to play in the NFL. After the XFL’s shutdown, Thompson secured a spot on the Panthers squad, reuniting with former Temple players P.J. Walker and Robby Anderson as well as coach Matt Rhule.

He was waived not long after, but was re-signed after a Keith Kirkwood injury. He made the most of the second signing, scoring a touchdown on the first touch of his pro NFL career. This secure him a 1-year deal with the Panthers he signed in early 2021.

Donald Parham

Donald Parham truly came out of the blue and impressed teams and scouts. He’s a tall player with not a lot of bulk on his frame (weighs only 237 pounds). However, that didn’t stop him from becoming a real threat in Dallas. He was third in the XFL in receiving yards with 307 and second in the league in receiving touchdowns with 4. We would have loved to see how his Renegades career turned out, but the league was cut short early.

Just a month after the XFL shutdown, Parham signed a deal with the Chargers. He recorded his first reception not short after in a loss against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

New Talents?

When the league returns in 2022 or 2023, expect a new stream of XFL talents to make their way to the NFL. In just a short time, the XFL showed that it has quality players, and should be a great breeding ground for successful future NFL picks.

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