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Sports Betting | The Best Sports To Try Your Luck on

6 Awesome Sports To Bet On

Sports betting and gambling, in entirety, was initially abolished in many states globally. However, with rising interests and gambling benefits, many jurisdictions are now dropping the rules and legalizing betting on virtual and online sporting activities. The pandemic attack also put several states in many financial strains, and many jurisdictions legalized gambling to attract revenue to seal budget deficits.

As a punter, betting is a good way to enjoy some free time and make money. However, if you are here to make money, know that it’s not an easy road since no bet is ever sure to award you wins. Here are some of the awesome sports you can start placing your odds on.

1. Soccer

Sports betting markets are steadily growing in India, with more people expected to rent the space soon. Soccer is one of the most common games worldwide, with a lot of fans watching both virtually and live. It’s also evident that betting adds to its popularity since the more people bet on a game, the more the urge to watch and follow up on results.

Soccer is very easy to bet on since it has three major ending points: a win for the home team, a win for the away team, or a draw. Although there’s still no globally recognized Indian National team, Indians, too, follow football religiously. Bookmakers are rewarding that by incorporating India-specific wagers as a part of the football betting line up.

But before placing odds on football, take your time to research the teams and players’, understand their previous activities and performances as this will give you the insight on the right team to favor in your wager.

2. Cricket

Since its inception, dating back to three centuries ago, the game of Cricket holds a special space in the hearts and minds of many Indians. It’s the most popular sport in India and a great opportunity to have fun and bet on. In this game, too, it pays to be cautious and thoughtful before making the decision. Some of the events you can bet on include:

  • BBL
  • PSL
  • IPL
  • World Cup
  • T20 World CupIPL

3. Kabaddi

If you have never heard of Kabaddi, then most probably, you don’t live in India. This game is rapidly gaining momentum in the country and may soon challenge cricket as the state’s top sports.

The main reason for its wide-spreading popularity has a lot to do with the Pro Kabaddi League. It’s a tournament where top Kabaddi players congregate to play over 60 matches live in front of fans from India and neighboring regions.

4. Tennis

Tennis is a good choice for you as an aspiring punter to invest and enjoy. It’s an individual game, so unlike cricket and football, where you have a whole team of players to study and worry about, here you only worry about an individual.

5. Hockey

Online betting in Hockey is visibly growing strong and famous among fans across the world. In India, it’s the national game and a favorite among many fans. It’s easier to bet on since all betting markets fall on either a winning or losing side. However, that doesn’t make it all easy and rosy, as the game is naturally risky and thrilling due to its low scoring nature.

6. Horse Racing

Horse racing appeals and attracts everyone regardless of where they are in the world. There are multiple horse racing events globally, and you never run out of choices. Amateur bettors mostly lose big fortunes on betting since they mostly bet on the names of the Horses. However, we advise that you take your time to research the horses and jockeys and understand their trends before risking your money.  

Betting on sports is no new thing since it has been with the human race for thousands of years. However, it’s vital to be cautious and responsible if you want to reap from the activities.

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