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Recent Changes in the XFL

There have been major changes in the XFL. The COVID situation has impacted the XFL, and it has changed the owner. The Xtreme Football League was created in 2001 in partnership with NBC, but the project ended after the first season. In 2018, it was about a reboot; eight teams participated in the league in two years.

Key facts about the XFL:

  • The XFL made NFL games better;
  • The XFL operated as a single entity with all teams owned by the league;
  • The XFL was a gamble;
  • The XFL was intended to be a major professional sports league complement to the offseason of the NFL.

This professional American football league differs from the more famous and promoted NFL by aggressive rules and fast game dynamics. In 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the league, like many other sports competitions, was forced to announce the early end of the season. However, the impacts of the COVID situation do not end here – the management of the league has declared bankruptcy and launched the corresponding procedure. If you are a fan of the XFL and want to support your favorite team or a sportsman, then pick the best online casino in New Zealand and make a bet online. Thus, you will support the league and everyone giving credits to it.

Who’s the New Owner? What to Expect?

For a combination of reasons, the XFL was on the verge of bankruptcy, in connection with which the league was planned to be put up for auction. However, a few hours earlier than the auction time, Johnson and his associates (RedBird group) suggested buying back the troubled league. No other persons and companies were wishing to become owners of XFL.

RedBird has previously shown itself in sports, making a number of investments related to the National Football League (NFL, the main division of American football) and its players. However, this time it was a success for them to get the XFL under their wings.

Xtreme Football League President Jeffrey Pollack was enthusiastic about the deal and said that he couldn’t have imagined a better result for the XFL. The new ownership group has not yet announced when the league will resume, but ESPN says that the XFL could take the route of the NBA and isolate teams in a specific location to organize the championship.

It is noted that the acquisition of the XFL will provide the group with the ability to select an intellectual property for real-time entertainment to further expand sporting and other events and original entertainment programming.

About Dwayne Johnson

In the world of sports, Dwayne Johnson is known as a successful wrestler. In particular, he is an eight-time WWE heavyweight champion. However, his name is also associated with American football. He played college football at the University of Miami as well as at the Canadian Football League.

While oligarchs are buying football clubs, the American actor and professional wrestler has bought himself an entire football league. In such a way, Dwayne Douglas Johnson hopes to attract new fans from his own ones. Let’s see what will happen next.

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