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Ranking the XFL Uniforms: From Bold Designs to Timeless Classics

The return of the XFL brought not only exhilarating football action but also a fresh array of team jerseys that caught the attention of fans worldwide. From innovative designs that push boundaries to classic aesthetics that pay homage to tradition, the XFL jerseys are a testament to the league’s commitment to reinventing the game.

Under Armour has been brought in as the partner to design and produce jerseys for the 3rd iteration of the XFL. It was a great fit as the Under Armour brand has made waves with its creative college football jerseys in years past. A league looking to separate itself from not only the NFL but the competing USFL needs something that stands out on the field.

With the help of the folks at All-Star Trading Pins, a company that designs custom pins for sports teams at all levels, we’ll rank the XFL uniforms based on their visual appeal, uniqueness, and how well they embody their respective teams’ identities.

1. Seattle Sea Dragons

The Seattle Dragons take the top spot with a jersey that seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with a nod to tradition. The bold orange and blue color scheme with a hint of green is unmistakably Northwest, while the dragon-inspired pattern adds a touch of fantasy and fierceness. The gradient effect on the sleeves is a design choice that’s visually striking and makes the Seattle Sea Dragons’ jersey a clear standout.

But it’s the helmet that really brings it all together. A vibrant orange with their green dragon logo in the shape of an S is something that stands out from most professional sports teams. A risky choice to go with orange, but it pays off by creating something special.

2. San Antonio Brahmas

While most uniforms mimic traditional color schemes, the San Antonio Brahmas really stepped out of the box with theirs. White numbers on dark grey with yellow accents are a sharp look. But it’s the collar that adds a textured detail that makes the entire thing stand out.

The cracked horns logo that encapsulates the helmet is a bold look and pays homage to the state of Texas. While we’d prefer to see them go with white instead of yellow for the away jersey, the yellow still works and makes this one of the most unique uniforms in the XFL.

3. Houston Roughnecks

Incorporating a dynamic color palette of blue and red, the Houston Roughnecks jersey commands attention with its energetic design. Utilizing the colors of the Texas flag (and the NFL Texans team), what makes this jersey stand out is the white collar. The sharp angles and geometric patterns create a sense of movement, mirroring the fast-paced nature of the game.

The 3-tone helmet has been controversial amongst fans, but it’s one we like the best. If you’re rebooting a league that needs to stand out, creating a unique design is the way to do it. Again paying homage to the flag that flies over Texas, the Roughnecks helmet features the logo on one side, and the player number on the other. A brilliant mashup of modern and traditional design.

4. Arlington Renegades

When it comes to color scheme, the Arlington Renegades may have everyone in the league beat. The Columbia Blue just works in football and brings back memories of the Houston Oilers that played in the same state years back. The red makes a great accent, although we prefer the white uniforms.

Unfortunately, the helmet is where the Renegades missed capping off what should be one of the best uniforms in the NFL. The classic bandit logo is not present and instead features a relatively boring D and R mashup (which makes no sense since they embraced the Arlington name over Dallas). An extra large black stripe in the middle adds nothing. Their previous 2020 iteration was superior and would shoop the Renegades to the top if they made the change back.

5. DC Defenders

The DC Defenders‘ jersey boasts a sleek and aggressive design that perfectly captures the essence of the team’s name. The striking red and white color combination is punctuated by the sharp lines that resemble a warrior’s armor. This jersey exudes confidence and strength, making it an iconic representation of the team’s identity. It’s not the flashiest of uniforms, but it certainly makes a profound statement.

6. St. Louis BattleHawks

The St. Louis BattleHawks’ jersey takes a more traditional approach, embracing classic football aesthetics with a modern twist. The royal blue and white color scheme exudes elegance, while the silver accents add a much-needed edge. This jersey strikes a balance between timeless design and contemporary football culture.

While the BattleHawks went with a simple approach to their jerseys, their helmets are anything but. Large wings emblazoned on each side add a much-needed stamp.

7. Vegas Vipers

With a vibrant city like Las Vegas and a cool name behind it, it’s a shame that the Vipers took the safe approach to their uniforms. Black, white, and red is a classic look popularized by the Atlanta Falcons. And the all-black look is really sharp. While we love the font, which gives a snake-like feel to the name, the rest of the uniform plays it too safe to be any higher on the list. But the potential is there, and hopefully, some tweaks can come in the 2024 season.

8. Orlando Guardians

While green is a great choice for a Florida-based team, the dark green with neon green combo just doesn’t work. The awkward clash of colors is exacerbated by wide shoulder stripes that give an awkward, almost practice jersey-like feel.

The helmets are much better, and the Guardians do have a really sharp logo. But you have to wonder why they didn’t try to pick something with a more Florida theme for their team name.

In conclusion, the XFL jerseys offer a diverse range of designs that cater to different fan preferences. From the futuristic to the traditional, each jersey tells a unique story about its team’s identity and approach to the game. Whether you’re drawn to bold colors, intricate patterns, or minimalist elegance, the XFL jerseys celebrate the league’s commitment to pushing boundaries and creating a fresh football experience.

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