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Preparing For a College Costume Party: 6 Ideas For XFL Fans

It’s no secret that students love partying. And most college learners also love football. Together, this is a perfect recipe for a costume party! Midterms and the end of the school year are just around the corner, so it’s time to think about relaxing. Gathering all your friends and having a rager while watching the best XFL games seems like a perfect opportunity!

Of course, a party doesn’t always mean that you need to drink and break stuff. Most of the student gatherings include costumes, games, competitions, and other fun stuff! Don’t forget about your assignments, though, and order essay on EssayHub to keep up with your studies! This way, you can focus more on choosing your costume instead of homework.

There is a reason why football-themed celebrations are so popular among the young generation. It’s a perfect chance to gather all your sport-loving friends, have some fun, and discuss the latest news in the world of XFL. But even this simple celebration can require lots of preparation beforehand.

What Is a Football Party?

Well, it’s pretty easy to figure out based on the title. Still, if you are not sure what this type of celebration is, here are some hints. First of all, you can have a viewing gathering, where you watch games together with your friends. Next, you can invite guests in football-themed costumes and just have fun. Or, you can combine these two options into an awesome party!

Now that you know that you absolutely need to have this kind of celebration with your college friends, here are 6 ideas for XFL fans about planning a college costume party!

Choose a Date and a Place

Setting a date on a school night might not be appropriate because you still need to study in the morning! Of course, you can always use an EssayHub review service for your homework! Experts from will make sure that all your assignments are completed on time. If this option works for everyone, proceed to the next step of planning your celebration!

Make Sure to Provide Everything For Your Guests

You don’t want your guests to be thirsty or hungry, right? Hosts have to think about every little detail to plan an awesome celebration. So, start with the essentials and don’t forget about your main theme!

  • Food. You need to have a main table with dishes and lots of side tables with snacks. Adding some themed decorations, like yellow napkins for penalty flags, might spice things up!
  • Drinks. Not every person drinks alcohol, so make sure that you have lots of water and soda. Also, don’t forget about bottle openers! Football fans sure love beer. And try to remind everybody that they need to drink responsibly.

Offer a Specific Theme to Your Guests and Specify the Costumes

For some people, ‘football’ is too general. There are lots of XFL fans who would need more than that. Maybe, they have a specific costume idea about the 2001 era of XFL or from their 2020 league. Of course, the most important thing is to have fun! Also, set up some help with costumes for those people who don’t have anything ready, like extra jerseys.

Buy Decorations That Will Fit Into the Theme

Here, hosts can go crazy! Decorations are a big part of any gathering, especially a costume party. You can set a mood with a football field snack table or create personalized cards and food labels in the form of penalty cards. Here are a couple of other decoration ideas for a perfect themed blowout!

  • Create a great viewing sport so your guests can watch the game and socialize at the same time. Hosts can hook up a projector and stream the game on a blank wall, so everybody can enjoy themselves.
  • Make a ‘tailgate’ experience with different food stations around the house.
  • Put as many footballs as you can into your décor! For example, use this shape for food labeling.
  • A snack table in the form of a football field will definitely be a centerpiece of any party!
  • Create a wall with photos of the greatest XFL moments in history, so guests have something to talk about between games.

Assign Some Tasks to Your Friends

It’s impossible to plan a blowout all by yourself. Some costume parties are so elaborate that it takes weeks to set up! Try the ‘divide and conquer’ approach between a couple of your friends. One person can be responsible for sending out invitations, and another will have to buy some food and drinks. In any case, this will be much faster than doing it alone!

Have a Schedule For Your Activities

Sure, it might sound boring at first. What party needs a schedule at all? But, if you are watching a game with your friends, you need to have some structure, so you don’t miss anything! For example, you can meet one hour before the game starts and socialize a bit and set up some fun challenges while watching a game.


So, there you have it, 6 ideas for XFL fans about planning a college costume party! Don’t try to do everything perfectly by yourself. After all, having a gathering is a common effort from all invited guests! So, pick out your best costume, put the game on, and don’t forget about wings, chips, and dip!

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