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NFL: Who Will Win The Super Bowl in 2023

According to legend, American football was born in 1823 as a mixture of rugby and classic football. In Europe, this sport has not gained much popularity, but in North America it is one of the three most popular sports disciplines, and the day of the final game of the championship (“Super Bowl Sunday”) is, in fact, a national holiday in the United States.

The National Football League (NFL) has 32 teams, divided into two Conferences (American and National), which, in turn, are divided into eight divisions. The regular season kicks off in September, with each team playing seventeen games, with seven teams from each conference advancing to the playoffs. Twelve teams of teams meet at the ⅛ final stage. In the quarterfinals, the champions of both conferences are included in the fight.

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Super Bowl 2023: Top Contenders

The NFL championship is unpredictable, making an accurate prediction for the champion here is quite difficult. Suffice it to say that seven teams have won the Super Bowl over the past ten seasons. And yet we will try to determine the top five contenders for reaching the semi-final stage.

The regular season has reached the finish line (teams have played 15 matches), most of the playoff participants are already known. bookmakers and experts consider the following teams to be the main contenders for the trophy:

  • Buffalo Bills
  • Kansas City Chiefs
  • Baltimore Ravens
  • Philadelphia Eagles

Buffalo Bills

Last season, the Buffalo reached the quarterfinals, where they lost to Kansas City. Today, the “dark blues” have almost guaranteed a place in the quarterfinals, as they take first place in the American Conference. In the last championship, the main problem of Buffalo was the lack of connerbacks. However, in the off-season, the team acquired Cairo Illam and Tredevis White at their disposal. Now, at the corners of the site, problems with both speed and size have been resolved.

According to experts, today the “buffalo” have an almost perfect composition. But this is on paper, but on the field everything will be decided by the game. In addition, no one is immune from injury. And yet, most bookmakers believe that the Buffalo Bills will be one of the teams that will enter the field of Glendale on February 12 to fight for the title in the decisive match.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs recently (in 2020) won their first title in fifty years. Last season, the team finished second in their division and reached the semi-finals. Today, Kansas City is in second place in the American Conference, behind the leader in additional indicators. A place in the playoffs has already been secured, which means there is an opportunity to compete for another title.

Last year, there were significant changes in the team: seven newcomers came at once – this affected the game in defense. Now the line-up is stable, Mahomes and Reed shine in the attack, there are no special problems in defense. With such a lineup and such a game, Kansas City may well not only repeat its last year’s result, but also successfully compete for the Super Bowl.

Baltimore Ravens

The last time the Ravens won a championship was ten years ago. Last year, the team failed to make it to the playoffs at all. This season is going better. The Ravens are 99% secure in the quarter-finals. Coach John Harbaugh managed to improve the game both in defense and in attack. Of course, the team has weaknesses, this is especially evident in the end of matches: either physical strength or psychological stability is not enough. However, the coaching staff hopes to solve this problem. In any case, team leaders Mike Andrews and J’Kalyn Dobbins and her coach are very determined.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles are confidently leading in the National Conference: apparently, the team will continue the fight for the trophy from the quarterfinal stage. Given that last season Philadelphia was eliminated in the ⅛ finals, this result can already be considered relatively successful. However, the club’s management has more ambitious plans, which include a trip to the final. Given that the Eagles have only lost two out of sixteen matches, this is quite realistic.

However, in the last match, Nick Soriane’s coaching staff had a problem: there was a decline in the team’s game, which led to a sensitive defeat from the Dallas Cowboys. On the eve of the playoffs, this situation cannot but disturb.

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