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New XFL Rule Changes Implemented for the Fans

With Super Bowl around the corner, you’ll be able to get a ton of betting info and the pick of the day at, the XFL kicks off their season on February 18th. It’s no secret that for the league to stay alive and thrive it has to get fans in the seats and get them to tune in. To the second point, all 43 games, including the two playoffs and one title game, will be televised on either ABC, ESPN, or ESPN2.

The league has the TV aspect covered but to bring in more fans and to keep the existing ones excited, the XFL has implemented new rules to give the games more action at a faster pace. Let’s check out the new rules that go into effect this season.

They are Back!

Tiered extra points are back this season, where after a touchdown each team has three pass/run options to get points. The points given will depend on where the team chooses to spot the ball, so the options for the spot are on the two-yard line (1 point), five-yard line (2 points), and 10-yard line (3 points).

If the defense comes up with the ball and scores a TD, they are awarded the points depending on where the opposing team chose to spot the ball. So, if the defense picks off a pass and takes it to the house with the opposing team trying from the 10-yard line they are awarded three points.

Cool Kickoff Rule

Besides the regular onside kick, teams can get the rock back if they convert on a fourth and 15 from their 25-yard line. However, this option is only available in the fourth quarter. Still, that is an exciting wrinkle and might be one the NFL should implement in their rules.

Yes, Two Times

Now teams can take advantage of two forward passes on one play. If the team passes the ball and it doesn’t travel over the line of scrimmage, they can have another pass if they are still behind that line. The initial pass behind the line of scrimmage would be incomplete instead of a fumble on a lateral.

Overtime Baby!

If the game is tied after regulation each team will have alternating attempts to score from the five-yard line of their opponent. Each team will have three tries and if the game is still tied after that they will continue to alternate until there is a winner.

The Others

There are other rule changes as well but the ones above are the exciting ones that should add action to the game. Some of the other rules implemented have to deal with kickoffs, game timing, (new 35-second play clock), and the always controversial instant replay.

We shall see how the new rules add to the game and can enhance the popularity of the XFL, which is, first and foremost, the main goal of the emerging league.

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