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Leadership Lessons from the NFL

There are millions of football fans in the USA. Most enjoy the game, especially during Christmas. You can watch players in the NFL, college leagues, or both. However, if you’re not a fan, there are many aspects you can learn from the game. One of the skills you can learn is leadership. Some of the best leaders in the world are football coaches. They know how to inspire and motivate a huge group of players to work together and achieve the same goal of winning the game.

Vince Lombardi claims that football is two things – tackling and blocking. He meant that for someone to excel, you need essential principles. The most popular professionals in the National Football League know how to block, run, tackle, etc. They do all this very well. These are the qualities that give teams a competitive edge. The same principle applies to leadership. Superb leaders also possess solid fundamentals such as industry knowledge, business acumen, and leadership skills. However, coaching these skills is not easy. Unlike pro athletes, most leaders learn how to lead while still working via trial and error. Additionally, the total set of skills needed by a leader far exceeds that of a professional football player.

In this article, we’ve discussed 5 qualities of great leadership that should be possessed by someone who wants to excel. Building a company takes a great deal of time and effort and is the culmination of thousands of daily decisions and actions. Better executions increase the chance of success.

Don’t Be Afraid of Change

Always have the guts to change when things are not working. All the best professional athletes react quickly and easily when the game changes. All pros evaluate options and make instantaneous adjustments.

For instance, Peyton Manning is a popular quarterback coach and an 11-time Pro-Bowler. He showed agility, particularly mental agility, and prides himself as one of the greatest quarterbacks ever. Change is inevitable, and the best football players create change.

Journalists George Bretherton and Carl Nelson claim Manning can calculate what an opposing defense is trying to do, adjust and release the perfect pass. It happens in the time it takes most people to flip a switch. His way of thinking dictated a typical Manning play. According to Frank Reich, Colts’ coach, he is great because his brain was always active, always formulating a plan, processing all information he saw, heard, and studied from other individuals.

Business leaders need a similar level of agility, follow the flow, and develop leadership. Becoming adaptable takes cultivation, and it starts in the mind. Business author Bruna Martinuzzi says you need to get out of your comfort zone and learn continuously as a way of adapting to changed surroundings. Good leaders respond quickly and effectively to change, anticipate change, and find solutions.

Do you see change as an opportunity or a threat? Are you learning new ways to lead or are you stuck in a rut? Do you approach your work decisions cautiously or do they make rash decisions? Are you an agile or fixed mindset leader? Change or fear is normal.

Teach, Don’t Shout

Although you’re coaching, you’re the teacher. Your task will be showing them reasons and not only telling them. Being a loud mouth will not bring results or make an employee complete a task well on a daily basis.

Adopting good teaching techniques is one of the ways for leadership development programs to run a successful business and give you a competitive advantage.

Use Your Leadership to Prepare

Tom Landry is regarded as the first manager to employ a conditioning and strength coach to improve the flow of the game. Additionally, he hired a quality control manager to study his opponents’ tendencies and game tactics. According to him, the will to prepare is more crucial than that to succeed. The best players create time regularly for training and working out so they can start fit.

Constant training on the way to success is the key principle of its achievement. According to the most powerful essays on leadership, regular work is the most solid base for future victory.

Always be present in each moment and lead while on the job. Most case studies show that organizations with proper preparations have a better chance of succeeding. Some things to have include business plans and licenses.

Put A Culture in Place

Whether you’re leading a company or a team, it’s vital to insist on team philosophy. For instance, after Bill Walsh took over in 1979, the San Francisco 49ers were 2-14 in the previous season. He was able to land three Super Bowl trophies in the 80s. In his book, The Score Takes Care of Itself he credits some of the wins to cultural changes he brought.

He changed philosophies, core principles, values, and ideals in how they play. Just like the workplace requires solid commitment and relatable personal beliefs.

Stay Patient

Most professional athletes are obsessed with winning without walking the talk. So, how do they do it? They focus on the task as a community, not the result. Best quarterbacks concentrate on executing every play, not obsessing or fantasizing about winning the game.

They understand that the only way to win is through consistent performance. According to Chuck Noll, a former Pittsburgh Steelers coach, those who want to emerge victorious should do ordinary things better than each pro. It also happens to leaders. Whether coming up with a vision and strategy or implementing it, the only method is to focus on execution and never stop learning and growing as a person and a leader.

Creating long-term, realistic objectives is crucial – they give you vision and direction for the future. However, focusing on goals is vital to bringing future success.

Like pro footballers, leaders should focus on getting the job done and delivering the goods. The intent on accomplishing each task well should be clear.

Unlike athletes, success is through excellent execution. You have to volunteer for leadership positions day in and day out. No leadership skills are acquired without any professional risk. Such things will help you become a more skilled and effective leader who is capable of becoming the best.


One of the most important characteristics of a good leader is a willingness to learn. The greater the chance your company will succeed if you want to know what others say. He needs to have the ability of synthesizing all this information that he is hearing from the outside.

Like coaches, you need to know how everyone works when drilling between practices and games. You need to understand how to unite all workers and help them work through challenging times that might come. Additionally, you need to understand human behavior.

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