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Jerry Rice, an NFL Legend, Thinks USC QB Caleb Williams is Worthy of Hype

Though it’s not an easy undertaking, USC senior wide receiver Brenden Rice decided to follow in the shoes of the best wide receiver to ever play the game.

Jerry Rice’s son played for the Colorado Buffaloes for two seasons before transferring to USC in 2022 to play under Lincoln Riley. Riley had coached quarterback Caleb Williams at Oklahoma for one season before bringing him to the team.

In the first eight games of the 2023 college football season, Rice led the team with 28 receptions for 486 yards and eight touchdowns.

Jerry Rice had something to say about William’s performance. All information for the article has been collected by iGamingPENN, a website with the latest news, articles, guides, and bonuses of the sports betting and gambling industry of Pennsylvania.

Rice’s Comments On Williams’ Performance

When asked whether his son will follow in his footsteps on the football field, Jerry Rice told Fox News Digital that as a father, all you can do is try to be supportive and sit back.

Rice went on to say that Caleb often boasted to him about his size, speed, and other attributes. He’s larger and quicker than Rice when he played the game, and Rice gets to hear it all the time. It’s incredibly thrilling to just go there, cheer for Caleb, and be in the stands to see him play football.

According to Rice, it’s one of those situations where he was prepared to shoulder the burden that would be placed on him should Caleb decide to follow in his footsteps. Furthermore, Rice believes Caleb is doing well. If Rice decides to drop out of school after his junior year, he will have the wonderful pleasure of receiving passes from Williams, the current Heisman Trophy winner and projected top choice in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Williams went into the season hoping to make history by becoming the first player to win the Heisman twice since Archie Griffin. And if it seems doubtful with back-to-back defeats to Utah and Notre Dame, Williams’ statistics are still astounding. With 23 throwing touchdowns, Williams is second in the nation and has NFL scouts drooling at the prospect of choosing him.

Caleb Williams is Worthy of Hype

In response to the question of whether Williams is deserving of the attention that has been lavished upon him, Rice said that there is no doubt about it. His ability to stay downfield is unrivaled. His powerful arms will make the plays themselves.

And when you consider that, he resembles Patrick Mahomes a lot. His inventiveness and coolness in the pocket are evident. We’ll have to wait and see whether he decides to join the NFL after this season, but he’s everything, and it’s amazing to watch him play football. With an offensive that many believed may be the greatest in the nation, USC started the season ranked sixth in the nation. USC’s offense has generally lived up to the expectations, although over the last two weeks, they have faltered.

The Trojans’ problem has been their defense, which ranks ninth in the Pac-12 with 407.6 yards per game.

Jerry Rice will have at least four more chances to witness Williams at USC as they finish their 2023 regular season against Washington, Oregon, Cal, and UCLA, despite a terrible first two weeks for Williams and the Trojans. Additionally, he will get to see his kid carry on his legacy in a variety of ways.

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