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How to Place Winning Bets on American Football by a BetZillion Expert Rebecca Martin

5 Tips from Rebecca Martin for How to Win on American Football Betting

American football is a popular sport in the US and Canada. Aside from the fact that millions enjoy watching this sport, punters also wager on the different leagues in American football.

However, before you begin to bet on American football or any other sport,  you must understand the whole idea behind the sport. Additionally, you need various strategies to help you win on American football betting.

We spoke with Rebecca Martin, a betting expert with BetZillion, to discuss some useful tips on how to win on American football betting. You will also find details on every type of American football bet you can wager on.

How Does Betting on American Football Work?

Whether you decide to bet on the professional or college level of American football, it’s important to understand how betting on these games work to help you make the right wagering decisions.

In the National Football League (NFL), which is the professional level of the sport, 32 teams are split into two conferences; the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC). Also, the NFL provides a four division of four teams in both conferences.

Meanwhile, the NFL usually runs from early September to early January, shorter than most sports leagues.

Furthermore, betting on American football requires you to join a bookmaker of your choice to make your betting decisions. The best betting sites for American Football provide various options for placing American football wagers.

Types of American Football Markets 

While there are numerous American football betting markets on various bookies available to bettors who want to wager on the sport, we’ll briefly analyze the most popular ones.

Point Spread

The Point Spread is a common betting option in American football. Each game has a favorite and an underdog, and the sportsbook determines the margin of victory for the favorite team. 

The favorite team is indicated by the negative (-) sign, while the positive (+) sign means the underdog.

You will then place a wager on whether the favorite team will win by more than the set point, by fewer points, or if the other team will emerge as the winner.

For instance, a game between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears. The bookmaker may set the following point spreads:

Green Bay Packers -5.5 -110

Chicago Bears +5.5 -110

In this case, the bookmaker has set the Green Bay Packers as the favorite with -5.5 points. If you bet on the Packers in this game, they will need to win by six points or more for your bet to be successful. However, if you bet on the Bears, they will need to either win or lose by five or fewer points for your chance to be successful. If you wager on the Bears and they lose by more than five points, you will lose the bet.

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The Moneyline wagers are among the easiest types, especially for newbies. All you have to do is select a team you believe will prevail in a given match. If the team wins, you win; if they lose, you lose your money.

For instance, a game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Cincinnati Bengals. The bookmaker may set the following Moneyline market.

Dallas Cowboys +280

Cincinnati Bengals -320

In this case, backing the Bengals to win would require a $320 stake to win $100. However, if you wagered $100 on the Cowboys, you would win $280. 

The Bengals are the favorites in this encounter, as the negative (-) sign has indicated them.

In addition, a wager on the favorite team is unlikely to yield more profit. On the other hand, a stake in an underdog delivers a huge payout. But it would help if you were sure the underdog has a big chance to win before you wager on them.

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When you wager on Totals, you are to predict whether there will be more or fewer points than the line set by a bookmaker.

You can determine the total points in a game by adding the points scored by both teams.

For example, in a game between the Las Vegas Raiders and the Arizona Cardinals, the bookmaker can set the following odds for the Total market.

Over 49.5 -110

Under 49.5 -100.

If the Las Vegas Raiders defeat the Arizona Cardinals 36: 20, the total points between both teams is 56, which is over 49.5. A stake of $110 on the over will earn you $100. However, you will lose your stake if you wager on the under, and the match finishes with this same result.

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List of the Useful Tips for Successful American Football Betting 

Your goal when betting on American football should be to turn in profits consistently. Having a set strategy could help you achieve this aim.

What helpful tips can make you a successful American football bettor?

Understand the Sport and the Betting Markets

Good knowledge of a sport is different from knowing how to bet on the sport. 

While understanding what American football entails can be a plus, knowing the betting market and the one that works best for you is also essential.

Bet on Familiar Teams 

It’s recommended to focus your betting on teams you’re familiar with. When you follow a particular American football team, you constantly get updates, which will aid your betting decision when you decide to bet on the team.

Find Value Bets 

Value betting is a type of bet where you look for odds that give you an advantage over a specific bookmaker and bet on them.

Finding real betting value is one of the tips for successful American football betting. You will only lose money if you wager on the sport with no thought given to the betting value.

Manage your Betting Bankroll

Effectively managing your betting bankroll is an essential strategy that bettors need to consider. Set aside a certain amount to fund your betting, and follow it religiously.

Also, make sure you’re betting with funds you can afford to lose.

Proper Research on Teams 

Be ready to put in your time and effort when you decide to start betting on American football. Why’s that? 

You need to research the teams you intend to put your money on. Look for head-to-head performances, statistics, lineups, and injury lists of these teams, as all these details could tell the result of a game. As a result, knowing all these before the game will help you make the best betting decision.

Follow Tipsters

Another way to get the best returns is following American football betting tipsters on various platforms. 

These tipsters help provide details and a betting guide on the teams you intend to bet on. If you can find the best tipsters in the market, it will not be too challenging to get the best out of your bets.

Is it Safe to Bet on American Football?

Betting on American football is safe and easy. As long as your region allows you to wager, all you need to do is create an account with a bookmaker that offers betting on American football and start betting.


Every week of the American Football season, millions of people wager on one of the most popular sports in the world. However, It can be highly challenging for bettors who intend to wager on American football for the first time to know where to begin. 

Good knowledge of the sport and learning how betting on the sport works is crucial to being a successful American football bettor. To get the best out of your bets, you need to understand the football betting markets and have a working strategy. It’s a good time to read this guide if you are yet to.

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