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How to bet on American football: tips and strategies

American football is the most popular sport in North America, the USA, and Canada. Even more than other sports like ice hockey, baseball, basketball, and golf. The NFL is the home of this sport in America. It consists of 32 teams, eight divisions with each team playing 16 games across the regular season in H&A format, eight home games and eight away games.

After the end of the season, an event known as the NFL draft comes up. Top talents from college football get recruited into teams. They are selected as picks and there are different rounds. Teams that don’t make the play-offs get the first 18 picks, 19-30 picks are between teams in play-offs and Conference runners-up, while 31 and 32 are for the teams in the Super Bowl.

The peculiar thing about this league is that it starts in September and ends in February. The NFL games are not as many compared to other leagues like the NBA which has 82 regular-season games. Out of the 32 teams, 14 will participate in the NFL play-offs. Teams are ranked based on the number of wins and the win%. 

Understanding how the league works is the best method for anyone to win a bet. The odds for the American football betting tips can be found at various sportsbooks. This is where you can get the different betting markets available in NFL football, with their respective betting odds assigned. The picks for this league are included in free predictions on Takebet.

Punters cash out on NFL betting with the use of tips and strategies. For example, a match between the New England Patriots and Dallas Cowboys. Analysing their statistics, streak, and form will help reach a conclusion on what betting lines to wager with or who will win. 

Strategies are proven methods that have worked over time, that is, it has about an 80%+ win rate. They make betting easier and more profitable. Strategies do not just mean tips, it includes researching the best NFL odds, low-risk bets, parlays and others. 

The NFL odds come in three forms, decimal, fractional and moneyline. The odds in each of these forms have the same value, the way it is written is the difference. Let’s say the Denver Broncos to win odds are set at 2.50, the decimal is 2.50, the fractional is 3/2, and the moneyline is +150. All of these have the same value when converted but are written in different formats. 

What is special about American football betting?

American football is special because of the wide range of options it gives out to NFL punters. Even though it is more popular in the United States than in other parts of the world. The views it bags are crazy. The Super Bowl LVI got over 100 million views. It has top players like Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes. 

The NFL play-offs also are very entertaining. Asides from betting on the regular season games, there is more chance to make money. The NFL futures and outrights betting option is a whole different ball game. 

Punters can wager futures like the Super Bowl winner, division winners, conference winners, NFL MVP, Heisman Trophy Winner and others. Live betting while the game is ongoing is available. The point spread changes while the game is live, you can wager on this and cash out since you’ve seen the trend of the game.

Top betting markets for American football

There are so many betting markets in football betting. The top ones are moneyline bet, over/under bet, spread bet, half/quarter bets, NFL futures and others. A Moneyline bet is choosing the team that will win the game. It is easy to bet on, select your preferred choice and wager on them. Moneyline is the most straightforward betting market. The over/under market covers the number of points scored in the NFL game by both teams. There is an option for individual/team total as well. 

The next is the spread bet/betting line, this is a bet on the margin by which a team will win a game. The better team gets denoted with (-), while the weaker team gets denoted with (+). For example, New York Giants (-3.0), the spread is 3.0, to win this bet, the New Jersey team must win the game by four or more points.

Half bet and quarter bet is picking who will win a half or quarter. There are two halves, the first half and the second half with four quarters. NFL bettors can wager on the winner of each of the quarters or any of the halves. This is possible in live betting, maybe the first half has just been concluded, and you can bet on the second half or the remaining quarters of the game.

NFL future bet is also known as the outright bet. There are some outcomes that are expected at the end of the season like Super Bowl winner, MVP winner, play-offs bound teams, conference winners etc. 

Making an early bet on these outrights can fetch good money if won. It is one of the top markets in this league, there’s a ladder of top teams that can win and top players that win MVP titles and more. There are other markets in the National Football League, access all of them on bookmakers. 

Top points to consider when betting on American football

To know how to bet on American football, you have to note down some things. The first is to never bet on teams you don’t know. Always bet on teams you are familiar with, understanding them in and out. The second point is to never bet with money you can’t lose. Betting is a way to make more money but at the same time, it’s not 100% guaranteed. Wager with money that won’t affect you badly if you don’t win.

The next point is to wager on the betting markets you know. There are so many markets that can be explored. The one that works best is the one to stick with, if it’s moneyline, go with it and if it’s over/under go with it. Trying to bet on the ones you have little idea of is not a good way to bet.

Make use of statistics of the teams. Statistics help to know their performances in their previous games, the attacking stats, defensive stats, win%, streaks and more. Team news is important to know the available players for the game and the ones that are injured.

Always keep a record of your bets to help you reflect on how you’ve done so far. If you notice some markets or methods are not working out, it’s advisable to explore other betting options and change the methods. Having a defined betting strategy works. They serve as a guide when you want to bet on the free NFL predictions. With them, you avoid errors and make the best decisions.

When betting on NFL futures or outrights, follow the insights provided by betting sites. They show the ladder of top players and their chances of winning it. On your own part, analyse their performances from the previous season and factor in how well the teams or players will perform the next season.

The sportsbook is where you can place your bet. They provide the odds, betting markets and parlays. The odds for each bet are not the same on the bookmakers. Each one gives out its own odds. This is a top point when you decide to wager. 


Betting on American football betting tips will be easy if you follow the guideline provided. It is important to understand the betting markets and the odds. The league is special because of the types of bets you win from like futures. Make early bets on games in this league to get the best odds. Always follow tipsters to get updates on how to win.

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