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How Popular is XFL Betting in Canada Compared Globally? 

The XFL, a professional American football league, has, in recent years, gathered significant attention from sports lovers around the globe. Canada is on the frontline, especially with fast-paced gameplay, innovative rules, and high value for entertainment. The XFL has found a large following and a fanbase around the sport that is looking to enjoy the games and potentially even place some bets on it. Betting on CDL games has also become increasingly popular in recent years, both in Canada and globally, as the fans look to add an extra layer of excitement to their games and boost the viewing experience. In this article, we´ll go into more detail about how XFL betting is happening in Canada compared to the global markets. 

Introduction to the XFL 

The XFL was first established in 2001 as a joint venture of the WWE (World Wrestling Federation); however, it faced enormous challenges and, from the start, folded quickly after just the first season. The XFL was revived in 2020 with new owners from professional wrestling, including Vince McMahon. The modern-day XFL features eight teams competing over a 10-week regular season, followed by some post-season playoffs building towards the championship match. 

The Appeal of XFL Betting

XFL betting has increased its popularity amongst bettors in Canada and globally for a few reasons:

Unique Format: The XFL features many rule changes and innovations designed to enhance the competitiveness and excitement of the matches. These include modified extra-point attempts, kickoffs from 35 yards, and shootout-style overtimes. The unique format of the XFL has been especially enjoyed in Canada, where viewers and bettors from around the country have fallen in love with the game. 

Fast-Paced Action: The XFL is well known for its fast-paced games, which often end in high-scoring results. With fewer stoppages during the match and most focus falling towards a successful offense, dramatic moments and scoring opportunities are very regular with even the XFL regular season. This even gets crazier during the playoffs. Bettors are usually keen to bet for markets that offer odds for high-scoring matches, boasting the viewing experience and keeping the bettors on the edge of their table throughout the game. 

Accessibility: XFL games are widely available online through different streaming platforms designed for fans to find their way into the league and follow the action. You can potentially even place some bets on your favorite markets and teams.

Available for viewing on television and online streaming platforms, making it easy for fans to follow the action and place bets on their favorite teams and players. The XFL’s accessibility has largely boosted its audiences around the globe, especially in Canada, where the nation has been falling in love with the sport. 

The Rise of XFL Betting in Canada

In Canada, sports betting has been part of Canadian culture for a long time, with fans going wild in ice hockey and basketball. The emergence of the XFL has provided the fans with a new entertaining option to place some bets. Globally, XFL betting has not yet found a broad audience, but in Canada, the game already has a large gathering of sports bettors. Many Canadian sportsbooks offer large markets and competitive odds for XFL games, allowing the fans to place bets on point spreads, over/under markets, player prop, and the matches’ results. Sportsbook operators have capitalized significantly in global markets with keen interest in XFL, from brands in Canada, to the likes of BetOlimp across the Atlantic in South Africa.

A few simple reasons can explain the popularity of XFL betting in Canadians: 

Interest in American Football: Canadian sports bettors have always had an eye for the NFL; however, with the rise of XFL, we have seen the shift towards that league due to its more entertaining gameplay that included higher results and fewer breaks during the matches. 

Accessible Betting Options: Canadian sportsbook lovers are really treated to a large number of sportsbook and betting platforms that offer XFL on their sites. The platforms provide convenient and user-friendly interfaces to place bets on XFL games and sometimes even boast the league with some marketing campaigns and free bets. 


XFL betting has emerged as a popular way for bettors around the globe, especially in Canada, to unwind after a stressful day. XFL offers high-tempo games with high scoring. The accessibility for players has also improved and will most likely improve even further as the league keeps growing yearly. XFL betting amongst Canadian bettors has exploded in recent years, and it’s potentially gaining momentum to pass the popularity of the NFL one day. As the league continues to grow, so do the betting markets. We are looking forward to seeing how the league will shape the future and how the betting markets in Canada and globally will follow it. 

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