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How is Online Betting affecting Sports Like the XFL?

For a very long time, the NFL has done everything possible in an attempt to keep betting on the league at a minimum. To help reduce the amount of sports betting, they have been in and out of court with gambling companies on numerous occasions. 

However, it seems that those running the XFL have a completely different attitude towards gambling. Before Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and his group of investors took over the league in 2020, former owner and wrestling tycoon Vince McMahon seemed to embrace gambling. Unlike the NFL, the XFL seemed to encourage gambling, which also helped influence the rules of the game. Before the competition was rebooted, bookies were consulted about how they feel the game should be played. 

Nobody is sure how Dwayne Johnson and his business partners will run the league. They don’t plan to have it up and running until the Spring of 2022, so time will tell. But if he is going to go down the same path as his former WWE boss, then you can expect online gambling to have a major influence in the sport. 

Why are people in the NFL Against Gambling?

Although most major sports leagues around the world have embraced gambling, most traditional leagues across America have tried everything to keep their distance for a long time. The NFL was worried that gambling would destroy the league’s reputation and help fuel addiction. However, in recent years, many people find those involved in the NFL are being hypocritical, as owners of the clubs and commissioners have been profiting from fantasy football betting and others gambling illegally. Nowadays, they have official gambling partners, along with the NBA and the NHL. It seems more and more states are legalizing gambling, and traditional bookmakers and online casinos such as kazino igre allow punters to place a bet from wherever they are, any time of the day.

Not everyone is happy the way these leagues have adopted the gambling industry. During the pandemic, there has been a huge increase in the number of people creating online betting accounts. A lot of folks are worried about the damage betting will do, while others feel it has tarnished the league’s reputation. But to most, it seemed like it was only a matter of time before these leagues were going to take gambling companies on board. 

The XFL Working alongside Betting Companies

Although it took some time for the NFL to welcome gambling, the XFL did the complete opposite. They understood if they worked with broadcasters and gambling companies together, they could create a league that encouraged punters to gamble more than ever before. They viewed the gambling sector as an opportunity. There are plenty of megarich online casinos and betting sites, and having them on board could help promote the league and increase its popularity around the United States. 

When developing the rules of the sport, the XFL team kept the bookies in mind. There are very few sports that were created around betting, however, in the modern era the industry is constantly growing, so it is not surprising that a league like the XFL spotted a big opportunity. In the future, many people expect new leagues and new sports to team up with betting companies. 

Is Gambling Ruining Sports?

Gambling addiction is a worldwide issue, and although it is still illegal in the majority of states in America, more people are managing to gain access to betting sites, even when they are located in a state where gambling is not allowed. In the past, finding an underground betting agent proved difficult in most states, so a lot of people would travel to states like Nevada to place a bet on their favorite football team. However, due to the world wide web, punters are finding ways they can gamble without having to travel thousands of miles. 

VPN services are readily available online these days. These programs mask the user’s IP address, so they can easily connect to a network in a state where gambling is legal. The online casino will assume the person who is gambling is in the state where the network is, so they have no issues gambling. In states where gambling is prohibited, punters won’t be able to gain access to the site, and if they can, they won’t be able to place a bet. Although it might sound too technical for the average gambler to get their head around running a VPN in a different state, it is a simple process. Even those who are not tech savvy can easily run a VPN and gamble in different states. 

Sports gambling seems to be growing in popularity, especially since broadcasters have allowed bookies to advertise their services. In countries like England, Australia, and the Republic of Ireland, betting laws are extremely relaxed, and the percentage of people putting money on sports is constantly increasing. If America wants to avoid the same thing happening, they are going to have to consider how sports like the XFL are run. 


Just as the XFL was back up and running, the pandemic hit. Just like other sports around the globe, it had a terrible impact on the league, and the owners were forced to sell their shares. The new owners will need a lot of finances to keep the competition going. They will need to help fund the different teams involved, which will cost a pretty penny. In the past, the XFL has always struggled to keep its head above water, so it won’t be surprising if ‘the Rock’ and his investors team up with major betting companies. 

Nowadays, mobile gambling seems to be taking over the industry, so fans and punters can expect apps developed specifically for gambling on XFL. The XFL will want to make sure that the league doesn’t make the same mistakes as they did in 2001 when it became a laughing stock in the football world. Having big sums of money injected into the sport by gambling companies can help the league get to the next level

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