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Five Greatest College Football Players of All Time

Talking about best college football players ever is fun but once you decide to list the top 100 college football players, it is quite a task to do so. There are numerous football players who are best at their work and most of the students aspire to be one of them. Every season a whole bunch of players take the field and out of them, a few become legends due to their hard work and resilience. There is no doubt that we get to see a lot of talented people in this sport but there are a number of people who go throw the grind and shine bright among the rest.  Below mentioned is a list of best college football players of all time. 

Best Player in College Football

We narrowed down the list of top college football players who made sure to follow their passion and became an icon of their time. They made sure to make the most out of their college experience and despite having tough college and game routine, they managed both things tremendously. Students who have a passion for achieving their goals, try to opt for smart ways which do not stop them from doing their best at any point. Most of these students in the UK pay someone to do their assignments so that they get good enough marks and manage that time with the sport they are planning to pursue in the future. Currently, there are numerous online services available where students can ask to write my assignment quickly and get the job done instantly. Get to know this greatest college football team of all time.

 Ray Lewis

A player of a different era, but he was surely best at what he does. He defined the ways how a game should be played in order to win. He started from his freshman year, where he played five games and continued it in sophomore and junior years too. He became a two-time all-American in the latter two years. Before leaving for the NFL he recorded more than 300 tackles in the last two years.

If we look around the history of Miami football, Lewis would be named the best defensive player among all. There were hardly one or two players who could challenge him for his skills at that time.

Deion Sanders

Though it is hard to list top NCAA football players ever, there are few exceptions, such as Deion Sanders, who evolved as the most recognizable corner’s in the game. He named himself Prime Time as he was audacious and cocky. He remained first-team All-American in his sophomore and junior years but fell thrid in the final year. Prime Time was one of the dangerous return men throughout the career. Later he continued his career with baseball and played his part in 10 seasons in Major League Baseball. Currently, he is working as a sports analyst and remains a prominent part of the sports world.

Tommie Frazier

This award-winning player completed his four years like a magician. Tommie Frazier surely shook the fans when he left the recruiting grounds of Florida for Nebraska. He had clear plans and he made his name with the Cornhuskers. The record with which he finished his college appalled everyone, 33-3 was an eye-popping record to have. He also won back to back championships in 1994-95. It was considered the best team amongst others at that time.

Due to his health constraints, he was limited to four games in 1994 but still managed to create his magic and scored 10 total touchdowns and compiled 248 rushing yards. If he does not have that health issue, then no one would even come close to Frazier’s brilliance.

Vince Young

Though things didn’t happen as they were planned, Vince Young’s talent was hard to ignore. No one can deny his brilliance and the way he played in all these years. Young named himself the single greatest season of college football history which was led by him. He also led Longhorns and Big 12 Championship from where he entered championship and ranked at number 2.

This journey didn’t stop and he kept on making his team and supporters proud of his work though he promised to return to Texas for the senior season but then decided to head NFL instead.

 John Elway

A player who gave a new definition of success. Not often, we experience such players who are high on the list as Elway. Though he was unable to pull it off in his senior fitness year but still made sure to work around the impressive statistics which substitute the hallow in his resume. He was able to do 774 passes for 9,349 yards and 77 touchdowns in the four seasons.

Not only this, but he was also a baseball player at Stanford and now is a general manager and president of football operations for the Denver Broncos of the National Football League.  

All those students who aspire to lead the football team in their colleges or are working hard to follow the footsteps of the people they consider as their inspiration, they need to work in a smart manner. You need to work on your essays and assignments too so that you pass out with good grades and also have to keep up with the practice so that your path remains smooth. 

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