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Fitness Challenges for Dual-Sport Athletes in NFL and NBA

In the competitive world of dual sports, NFL and NBA, athletes are required to be extreme in their training and exercises. While many of these athletes keep up with the necessary pace, several others struggle to compete. The most advisable solution to improve faster and compete better is to participate in fitness challenges.


Fitness challenges are a good list of goals that help you improve better within a certain period. You will realize that some of these pro players do fitness challenges and other exercises to reach that peak level of performance on the track when you review:

The most exciting aspect of these challenges is that they are easy to observe. They will give you a boost to your fitness and come in handy when you get back on the field. If you need assistance, here are five fitness challenges you can do as a dual-sport athlete in NFL and NBA:


One of the simplest forms of fitness challenges for dual sport athletes is running. Running will improve your skills in playing faster and more effectively on the pitch.

It is easy to start but very tedious to be consistent. The perfect fitness challenge for running is making at least 50 miles per month.

All you want to do is meet a specific goal. So, if you see that covering 30 miles in a month seems more realistic to you, go for it. But if you feel you are up to the task of meeting more than 30 miles, go for it, champ!

Healthy Eating

Setting up your fitness challenge based on running alone is easy, but you will need additional obstacles to be better on the track. That is where healthy eating comes in. Your diet unarguably matters a lot as a dual sports player.

So, it will be advisable for you to keep up with a healthy eating goal. You can make up time to discuss with a food nutrition expert or your fitness instructor to set a good eating plan.

Here are some healthy eating challenges you can take note of:

  • Taking a good serving of fruits and vegetables every day.
  • Drinking enough water a day, advisable a gallon.
  • Avoid too many sugary foods and junk.
  • Stick to a healthy cooking recipe.
  • Set a realistic time and space to eat your meals.

Gym Frequency

Your visit to the gym is another aspect you can turn to as the perfect fitness challenge for your performance. Besides the team training, you can create a time just for you and make a plan to spend real time in the gym.

The best fitness challenge in the gym for athletes is to try and break their records on different workout activities. You have your personal bench press record, right? Each day you go to the gym, make breaking your record challenging and work towards it on every visit.


The final fitness challenge on our list is Cycling. Just like running, set a cycling goal that will push you to meet a target in 30 days. Whether it is meeting up to 300 km or reaching 500 km, select a suitable cycling goal.


The dual sports environment requires more and more from players these days, so fitness challenges are meant to keep you fit and better on the track. Find your ideal practice from the mentioned fitness challenges and find the best way to compete better with other players on the track.

We should also mention that you should start your challenge from low to high intensity. That way, you will protect yourself from muscular overloads that could result in injuries. Good luck!

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