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Fantasy football and how the XFL can profit off of it

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world, but also one of the favored sport betting markets. Thus, it is no wonder that fantasy football is also on the popular side when daily fantasy sports are concerned.

Being a game in which players are actually general managers of teams, fantasy football is a game where the fans get to select their rosters and call the shots. If you want to learn more about fantasy football and how the XFL can profit off of it, keep on reading.

The General Statistics

The whole fantasy sports experience and the hype around football itself captured the attention of many people. In fact, 78% of all fantasy participants play fantasy football according to a 2019 survey. Moreover, 19% of legal-aged Americans participate in DFS and 78% of fantasy sports participants wagered on sports in 2018. You can learn more about DFS betting on this page. In addition, the average person spends approximately $500 on DFS wagering on an annual basis.

Moreover, while it is completely logical to have football fans playing fantasy because they love the sport, many fantasy football fans watch football because they love the game. In 2017, ESPN conducted a Sports Poll and concluded that people who play fantasy sports are probably attending the games, and watch sports news more than those who don’t play the game.

The Mistakes AAF Did

Those of you interested in the XFL have probably had the chance to keep up with the Alliance of American Football. AAF had the potential it never actually managed to live up to as the fantasy football community never warmed up to it.

One of the biggest mistakes up to this day is the lack of online content. Sure, there were many websites, forums, and social media accounts providing info about AAF, but it was difficult to find more content that is official.

Moreover, the information provided was not consistent and up-to-date. Finding an inactive list was difficult as well as the fresh injury report and official box scores. Players love to have all the information at hand and lacking this was annoying for the fantasy football sports community. This is the main reason behind the reduced growth of the AAF community.

In addition, there weren’t enough places where one could play AAF in the beginning. Besides, official places to play season-long fantasy were also lacking and the only DFS website that offered AAF was Fanball. Therefore, despite the poor start, not much was done to fix the problem.

The Alliance of American Football could have created their own fantasy platform or work on partnerships with some major casino brands you can learn more about at Luckynj. All of this would probably help them promote the product and make it more popular, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

Can the XFL Learn From These Mistakes?

Learning from this experience, XFL can avoid AAF mistakes and make sure that they do not happen once again. One thing they could do is provide accessible injury reports. This is a great part of fantasy sports, and being able to know a player’s status plays a huge part in playing.

Also, the list of inactive should be announced on the official XFL Twitter or any other network suitable for such announcements. This should be done a few hours before the game time. Not to forget, box scores, and live stats updates are also important, and finding those should be easy.

Moving on, the XFL should start focusing on creating their own fantasy platform or collaborating up with some big brands in the fantasy sports industry. This would help provide more DFS and season-long leagues. XFL could actually start advertising via ESPN as they already have a TV deal with the company – and it would simply be a win-win situation. Additionally, ESPN has one of the most popular fantasy football apps.

Ultimately, what should be the goal of XFL is to make their product better by making all the information and statistics accessible to the public. Also, They should either provide or promote a platform where their potential players could play.

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