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Fan Engagement: How Does XFL and the Casino Industry Keep Fans Hooked?

With hundreds of fans allowed onto the field during warmups and roping in YouTube influencers to spread news about the games, the new American football league XFL is changing the way we engage with sports we love.

The XFL is adopting state-of-the-art ways of marketing and connecting with its fans and customers – echoing modern digital strategies already formulated by the leading online casinos.

With sponsorships and corporate links between XFL and major casino operators perhaps it’s no surprise to industry observers that the two apparently different operations are using similar engagement tactics.

XFL promotions

The powers behind the new minor football league have a contemporary idea of how to engage with fans – and it’s nothing like the old days. Forget fans waiting outside stadiums for a glimpse of the stars or waiting for some rare TV coverage.

Xtreme Football League organisers say the most important thing to promote the league is to bring as many fans as possible closer to the game.

That means, for example, using cable AND streaming broadcasts, digital displays in stadiums and spreading its players and branding through digital and social media channels. Other XFL material is now accessed through QR codes.

The marketing and content departments are re-focussing the XFL social strategy by reaching out to fans wherever they are, rather than only distributing its content on one social media outlet at a time.

“We’re looking create connections with our fans,” say XFL bosses. That’s why it’s heavily using Twitter (X), TikTok and Facebook to engage with the fanbase.

Interestingly, the league’s marketeers have found Facebook works more for some teams while TikTok resonates more for others. Social interaction between fans happens equally on X and Instagram.

And XFL is connecting with younger fans through content that not only showcases its teams and players – but also its coaches and production team. “The more we can bring fans inside the game, the better,” they say.

That’s why up to 800 fans are being allowed on to the field during warm-ups before the game. Seating has also been installed right on the touchline for special ticketholders.

Look out too for intimate behind-the-scenes autograph sessions, personal meet-and-greets and game-day photo ops for fans.

As well as this, the XFL has signed an agreement with ESPN/Disney to broadcast and live stream all 40 of its games plus the playoffs.

Using gamification has increased too. The XFL has launched an in-house gaming app where fans win cash prizes for predicting the score.

Supporters attending a game can play in a quiz about the match they are attending. Prizes include team merch and tickets.

XFL also arranges exclusive online fan events with exclusive facetime with players and coaches. They even include virtual autographs on fans’ own digital photos and creation of personalized digital souvenirs.

The casino strategy

These systems mirror the modern promotional work being done by leading online casinos.

Many of these operators now are maintaining very active profiles on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to engage with fans. They share updates, promotions, and behind-the-scenes content to keep their audience informed, entertained – and most importantly, loyal.

The casinos have been at the forefront of using gamification techniques, like progress bars, achievements and rewards systems. They use these to make gaming more interactive and rewarding.

Today’s players can earn points, unlock levels and receive bonuses. It keeps them coming back for more.

Many online casinos go even further and offer mobile apps. These allow players to access favourite games on the go.

These apps include exclusive features, extra bonuses and promotions to encourage connections between customers and the casino brand.

Elite VIP programs are used to reward loyal players with exclusive perks, like personalized support, faster withdrawals and higher betting limits. Special promotions are used to encourage casino players to keep returning and spending more.

Using forums and chatrooms allows players to interact, share tips and discuss experiences. A sense of camaraderie among fans fosters a supportive and loyal community.

Overall, online casinos are pioneers in using modern technologies and techniques to engage with fans. The organisers of XFL have clearly taken note of the casinos’ success at this.

Engagement for casinos and XFL

Both industries have adopted the latest marketing and promotion tactics to bring fans and customers closer.

The rapid rise of online casinos has been helped by the industry’s prioritising of the players’ experience of interacting with the casino brand.

Outsiders expect XFL to have a similar upward trajectory – thanks in part to using the same contemporary techniques as the casinos have. It worked for online poker and slots – everyone expects it to boost XFL engagement too.

“We are trying to develop new ways to immerse our fans right into the action of the game,” say XFL bosses.

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