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Facts You Didn’t Know About XFL

With XFL having many fans that adore the sport, there are some facts that you probably don’t know about it. With its long history, there was some pretty exciting stuff happening on and off the field.

So, whether you’re an XFL fan or you just like turning on the sports channel while you’re playing in the best online casino of your choice, you’ll find this small article interesting.

Without further ado, let’s jump straight into the first fact.

Black Dye Gone Bad

The most recognizable symbol of XFL was the red and black football. However, the black dye made the ball quite slippery when wet, and players couldn’t have a good grip on it.

And while everyone was banging their heads on finding a solution, Basil DeVito, an XFL commissioner, went to his basement and rubbed the ball with sandpaper.

Brave Cameramen

When it comes to the XFL game, you know it’s about to get rough. This is why the cameramen on the field were dressed with hockey equipment, and they were called “bubba cam.” Sometimes these guys got a little too close to the action and there might have been some collisions with the players.

You might think it’s absolutely bonkers to have cameramen running along the field, but this is how XFL rolls.

No Coin Toss

In the olden days, there was no coin toss, and instead, players had to sprint towards the ball and grab it as fast as they could. This was called a scramble, and one player from each team had to run towards the ball. The ball was usually located on the halfway line.

Players had to dive on top of the ball, and whoever was faster kept it.

Promotion of Violence

While sports tend to back away from promoting violent playing on the fields, the XFL loved highlighting all of the violence happening during a match.

Usually, the announcers’ job was to mention each player’s injury and how it happened from the heavy hits.

Unfortunately, there are even some cases where the equipment like helmets don’t work, and players tend to get quite serious injuries.

Jersey Rules

The XFL has always been extra when it comes to their attire and games as a whole. One of their most bizarre moments was that players could have whatever nickname they wanted on their jerseys.

We have seen that with the NBA and MLB, where they had such nights where players could wear a nickname. With the XFL, this was ongoing practice.

Sometimes you don’t need much to be legendary, just a cool jersey, and you’re good to go.

And with that said, we should probably wrap up right here and go off to watch a bit of XFL. We hope you enjoyed this small piece and come back for more articles and news on this much-loved sport.

With each year, there are newer and better improvements to the sport, but it was good to reminisce on its beginnings a long time ago.

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