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Early Insights On College Football Match-Ups For NFL Draft 2021

After Joe Burrows led Louisiana State University (LSU) in winning the National Championship, he took on to be the number 1 overall pick during the recent NFL Draft 2020. While it was still just a month after the selection took place, the NFL draft 2021 is starting its pre-draft.

Too many early predictions about who the next overall pick will be and what team he will land in dominate the headlines. Before the NFL draft 2021 takes its place, let us take a look at how college football is currently doing, who’s leading the player rankings, and who will ultimately be the next top pick.

Quarterback Fights: Lawrence (Clemson) VS Fields (Ohio)

Fans are entertained with the current match-ups even after just getting over last season’s close fights of top quarterbacks. We have Trevor Lawrence of Clemson Tigers pitted against Justin Fields of Ohio State. These two ace quarterbacks are vying to be the next Heisman trophy recipient, and it’s understandable why.

Trevor Lawrence recorded an incredible 66 touchdowns with only 12 interceptions during his two years in Clemson. Not to mention he has thrown 6,945 yards and has an excellent 65.5 career completion percentage. His playing statistics are unquestionable, making him reign all early predictions and rankings from experts like ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. and Walter Football.

As for Fields, he might have had a rough start when he first started playing with Georgia. Thankfully, he made an excellent debut with Ohio. He threw 3,273 yards with 41 touchdowns and only three interceptions. He may fall a lot behind Lawrence, but Fields has a key player’s potential that could get him drafted at the top.

It is worth noting that the NFL odds for these players are constantly changing. Watching and analyzing how these players will perform when the official season begins is important to aid you with your betting strategy.

LSU’s Chase VS Alabamas’ Surtain II: An Interesting Players Match-up

The upcoming Alabama and LSU game this November 2020 will bring an exciting match-up between their key players. This is a highly anticipated event by many football fans. However, it will not just be fans alone who’ll be watching closely how the game flows. NFL team managers and scouts will also be present to look out for the most promising athletes.

Few things to take note of, Patrick Surtain II’s long and muscular frame gives him a lot of advantage to take on physical receivers. He is also equipped with elite ball skills and has the top-class ability to locate the ball on the field.

But make no mistake, Chase’s athleticism and expertise on the ground as a savvy route runner can be complicated for Surtain II. He can look for open spaces away from zone defenses, and possess the best hands to make this match-up more interesting.

Several questions already surfaced on the football world: can Chase defend what Burrows has made with LSU? Or will Surtain II show his dominance in the field and avenge the Alabamas from their defeat last season?

But who knows? We’ll need to wait and see what these key players do on the field this November.

Battle of Defense: Gators Kyle Pitts TE VS Bulldogs Richard LeCounte S

As the saying goes, “the best offense is a great defense,” and these two contending teams lead college football in terms of defense. Gators’ tight end, Kyle Pitts, gets in a head-on fight against Bulldogs’ safety, Richard LeCounte. These two teams have not been in good terms since then, and showing off their ace players determines who will dominate the field.

Pitts’s athleticism in the field matters the most, even though he is not a great inline blocker. His moving skills and fluidity are unparalleled, making him a great tight end potential in modern NFL where hard-passes are expected.

However, Pitts does not go uncontested and is challenged by LeCounte. LeCounte became Georgia’s most improved defensive player, where he recorded four interceptions with 61 total stops, making him third in tackle ranking. However, this will be LeCounte’s last chance to be in the NFL draft. Will this match-up between Pitts earn him the possibility to get drafted? All we can do is wait and see.

Who Will Be The Next Joe Burrows?

There’s a lot of questions surrounding who the next Heisman Trophy recipient will be. These questions can be exciting and thrilling at the same time, but it is still too early to predict who will earn the top spot in the NFL draft.

A player’s performance changes from time to time. Unexpected events might occur, and players may get involved in an accident and suffer from major injuries. No one wants another Tua incident taking place as the season approaches.


Before NFL Draft 2021 takes place, we get the chance to witness how these college players perform on their game events before jumping into the world of the professionals. Some key players are already making a buzz, but it is still too early to put on your bets. However, it would be the best time to get started on research and observe how they’ll play when the national championship and other leagues take place.

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