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Could XFL Ruin College Football?

College football can be a tough topic to cover for many essay writers who didn’t grow up or live in the United States of America. The XFL has seen a fast resurgence in the last few years, and this is thanks to the new owners they have. 

The people involved in the owners are none other than Hollywood megastar Dwayne Johnson, Gerry Cardinale, Redbird Capital Partners, and Dany Garcia. While many are positive that it will finally rival college football, the question many people are asking now is could XFL could ruin college football? 

If there was ever a time for professional essay writers to start producing content on college football, now is as good a time as any, thanks to all the talk surrounding XFL. There will be plenty of things for an essay writing company to touch on as far as the future of college football goes. This article by will look at some things XFL brings to the table that might cause a threat to college football.

Famous people in its corner 

In the last 25 years, non-NFL leagues have had problems getting noticed by mainstream media and football fans. XFL will have no problem getting noticed by people because it has some celebrities in this corner. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one of the biggest movie stars on the planet, and his fame alone is enough to catapult XFL into popularity. 

He is not the only big name that will bring mainstream attention to XFL, people like Gerry Cardinale, Redbird Capital Partners, and Dany Garcia are famous in their own right. Academic writing expert Lauren Bradshaw charmed in with an opinion and said “Having someone as well-connected in Hollywood and the world like Dwayne Johnson will certainly bring more eyes to XFL and poses a threat to college football”

Since Dany Garcia is also onboard, this makes XFL the first pro sports league to be under the ownership of a woman. This will bring plenty of attention, especially from those that don’t cover sporting events, like People Magazine. Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia will inspire future business owners of Latin American, African American, and American Samoan descent. 

Plenty of games in this league will be widely covered due to the diversity and origin of its main owners. The eyes of the world will be watching to see which direction these two especially will take this league, considering Dwayne Johnson was a football player himself in his younger days. Despite some criticism from the likes of WWE owner Vince McMahon, the future is bright for this league. 

XFL will be more entertaining 

Having Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia is a big win for XFL because they will provide plenty of entertainment. As pointed out before, Dwayne Johnson is a massive Hollywood megastar and one of the most liked people on the plane, and Garcia is also adored by many people in America. 

Both of them will have so much content for the league which will appeal to different people of different backgrounds. There are a lot of people that are expecting XFL to have a large variety of programs and documentary shows that are exclusive to the league. 

These documentaries and content can be centered around Garcia and Johnson as they attempt to build the brand, as well as cameras following different teams as they prepare for games. This level of content is great for sports fans who will tune in to see the ins and outs of this emerging league which is set to rival college football. In the next few years, we will see plenty of essays emerge online from paper writing services when and if XFL blows up. 

Top talent going into the league

There are only a handful of professional writing services that cover college football because it is a tough topic for non-Americans. You need to understand the ins and out of college football because people will know if you’re not being honest.

When the XFL gets going, plenty of people believe that some top talents in the country will find their way into the league. There are so many players that are out of contract or let go by major NFL teams. Some of these players will be at an age where they can’t play college football anymore. 

What better way to prove a point and show the world they still have some gas left in the tank than by joining an emerging league like XFL. The league will be more competitive when compared to college football since it will attract some top-level athletes. 

What could hold XFL back? 

The main thing that could stop XFL from taking off is of course the potential lack of partners. Many leagues in their first year don’t get a lot of exposure from big TV companies. They need to properly establish themselves as a brand first before the big boys like FOX start taking note of them. American football as a whole is a very competitive sport and unless XFL gets picked up quickly by big boys or any top-rated network, they might have to be content with less known small companies.

With the points mentioned above, could the XFL ruin university or college football or pose a threat? The answer to that is not at the moment because it is a league that needs to prove itself over several years. It needs to provide players with good careers before it can eclipse the college football model that has been around for many years. If it doesn’t overtake college football, it can be a player where players can breathe new life into their careers and capitalize on some players let go by top NFL teams. It has celebrity power backing it full time and with their level of fame, it remains to be seen whether they can make XFL a force in the next few years or not. The groundwork is already being laid down, but there is still plenty of work to be done for everyone to start seeing concrete results and the potential of this league.

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