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American Football betting: a beginner’s guide

Changes in the laws regarding online betting in the United States and Canada are changing, meaning football betting is open to a growing number of people. Millions more wagers will be placed on the outcome of Super Bowl LVI than we saw just a year before. Sports fans are reacting to their newfound freedoms and are enjoying placing bets on all levels of football, markets and types of bets. From Moneyline to the always popular NFL prop bets, there’s always something designed to catch your eye.

Watching your favourite teams and players bid for glory in the top competitions is one of life’s pleasures for sports fans. You can visit the stadium and soak up the atmosphere, cheering on your team as part of the crowd or you can settle down and watch the action live on television. Football is exciting but making your predictions and targeting a winning bet from the play is something special. The best online betting apps allow you to stake on the outcome of a game, first touchdown scorer, total points, handicap and more. There’s a lot more to betting on American Football than you may think and it’s not simply a question of picking the team you expect to win, not if you are serious about making a profit from your bets. With so much choice available, it can be viewed as a little complicated or cluttered by some new bettors, but online gambling on football isn’t half as difficult as it may look at first glance. In this article, we provide an easy to follow beginners guide to betting on American Football using your desktop computer or smartphone.

Create an account

When looking to bet on football your first step should be to check the rules and laws in your area. This can be achieved through a basic internet search. Is online sports betting legal in your region? If it’s not, no effort should be made to gamble but if you have the green light, you can continue full steam ahead.

You will want to find an online bookmaker that is legal and licensed in your area with the licence information available in full. You can then proceed to create an online betting account with that sportsbook, signing up using your smartphone or desktop computer. Visit the betting app’s homepage then click sign-up. Fill in the registration form, create a username and password then confirm your account.

Within minutes, your betting account will be set-up and ready to use. Login with your username and password, click the American Football tab and seek out your bet.

Get a bonus

The best online bookmakers offer new customers a welcome bonus when you sign-up and start betting. These promotions come in many different forms but the most popular at present is the deposit matched bet. This is a free bet given to you by the bookie that will be equal in value to your first deposit and gamble. For example, if you sign-up, deposit $100 using your debit card and place a bet on sports, you’ll receive a $100 free bet.

This promotion is a great way to familiarise yourself with the layout of your new online betting account and it puts you in control of how much you spend and how big your free bet is. Most bookmakers allow you to deposit from $10 and they will match your first wager as a free bet.

Different types of bets

There are dozens of markets and bets available to football lovers. The most common is the match winner market where you pick a team and lay down your stake. You have a one in two chance of landing a winning bet. The odds aren’t always the most exciting, unless you are taking on the favourite, but there are other markets with bigger odds attached. These include first touchdown scorer, handicap, total points, winning margin and more.

Trawl the options at your betting app and choose the one that best suits you and gives you the best chance of making a profit from your bets. The biggest games, like the Super Bowl, encourage betting traders to push the boat out and really extend their coverage, offering an exciting list of specials.

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