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5 High-Protein Foods XFL Players Eat to Gain Strength

If being forced to scoff thousands of calories each day sounds like a dream come true, then the XFL is where you want to be. Elite soccer stars need to pack on the pounds in order to compete on the field – and this means eating every couple of hours throughout the day.

Of course, it’s important to make sure you eat the right type of food; just scoffing down doughnuts won’t give you the competitive advantage. While carbs can be useful, protein is where it’s at. If you want to build lean muscle and add bulk, you’ll need to be loading up on protein throughout the day.

Even if you don’t want to be a soccer star, protein can help you to carve out a toned and fit physique. Below you’ll find five of the best high-protein foods that XFL players eat.

But First, Some Protein Meals Ideas to Make Your Mouth Water

Many of the protein-rich foods that we will discuss in this blog can be used to make tasty meals like these:

•        Omelette with spinach (Read more about the benefits of eating eggs below)

•        Moroccan chicken and raisins

•        Poached eggs with smashed avocado (recommended to eat once per week)

•        Grilled chicken breast and lime (see family meal favs – discounted price on page 2)

•        Jackfruit tacos served with avocado and salsa

•        Honey, fruit and nut chicken salad

•        Baked eggs with spinach and avocado plus optional hollandaise sauce

These are just a few suggestions to get you started, but if you’re looking for more inspiration remember to check out Weekly Ads Publix for innovative recipes. Their veggie burger bowl can be served up in just 30 minutes and is full of protein too.

5 Foods High in Protein


Eggs are high in protein as well as vitamins and other nutrients, such as “good” cholesterol. Unlike lots of other protein-rich food, eggs are perfect for breakfast, whether you like them scrambled, boiled or poached.

It’s easy to include eggs in your diet as they can either be eaten on their own or whipped into a sauce such as hollandaise or béarnaise.


If you remember the cartoon Popeye, you’ll recall that eating spinach gave him mega-muscles! It may be a kids’ show but there’s more than a grain of truth; spinach is an excellent source of protein.

It’s not just protein that you’ll find in spinach. It’s one of the most nutrient-dense foods around, with high levels of iron, Vitamin C and folic acid, plus much more.

Chicken Breast

Chicken breast is often the staple of an athlete’s diet, offering shedloads of protein without high levels of unhealthy fat. As it’s readily available and quick to prepare, chicken is often the go-to option for a high-protein meal or snack.

The other benefit is that it can be eaten in lots of ways, and even enjoyed when cold. This makes it very versatile, perfect for when you’re pushed for time.


Although it’s a fluid, milk is classed as a food rather than a drink. When you think about the fact that milk is all babies need to grow, it makes much more sense!

Milk includes a whole host of goodies such as calcium and minerals, milk also has high levels of protein. If you’re looking for a convenient protein boost, a shake made with milk is a top pick.


Are you wondering if we’ve included fruit on our list by mistake? No. Fruit isn’t often mentioned but certain fruits contain surprisingly high levels of protein.

It’s fair to say that fruit doesn’t contain as much protein as some of the other foods on our list. However, as you should be aiming to eat a rainbow diet, it makes sense to try and pack in as much protein while you do.

The fruits which offer the greatest amounts of protein are:

•        Jackfruit

•        Passion fruit

•        Avocado

•        Dried apricots

•        Raisins

•        Dried plums

There are nutritional benefits in all types of fruit but these little beauties will give your protein intake a boost too. Try to incorporate these foods in your breakfast, lunch and dinner to eat like an XFL athlete!

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