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3 potential XFL rookies to keep an eye on

XFL fans will already be eagerly anticipating what the league’s relaunch might bring in 2023. With the first game set for February 18th and major TV partners such as ABC onboard, it is already looking like a season to remember.

A slated April 2023 finish will also mean that the XFL season neatly fits around the NFL offseason for football fans. This is great news because it means you do not have to worry about games clashing and can also enjoy football for more of the year across both leagues.

As well as being eager to catch XFL games, fans will also likely enjoy betting on them as well. This adds even more fun to matches and will help bring you closer to the action in 2023. This is in much the same way as you might bet on NFL games to add more spice to them. It is key to always shop for the best NFL odds if you do this – and crucial to also do the same when betting on upcoming XFL games next year.

Many people will also be thinking of betting on the upcoming XFL draft in November 2022 and looking at which players might end up on which teams. While this is not solely limited to college players, it still pays to look at which rookies teams may pick up and which might be worth keeping tabs on.

But which are the top three rookies who fall into this category?

Najee Reams

Safety Najee Reams is a hot young player in college ball and one that has already received a draft invite for November from the XFL. With many expecting him to take this invitation and be in demand from multiple teams, it looks like Reams will be an outstanding rookie to watch in the coming season.

Although the cancellation of the 2020 campaign by his college due to Covid might have set his development back a little, he still looks to be a fantastic player. Reams not only has fabulous speed and agility but also looks to be a tough, physical player as well. Having played regularly for North Carolina AT&T over the past few years and in some high-pressure games, he is one rookie that could light up the XFL in 2023.

Julian Rochester

Top college prospect Julian Rochester was a real standout at the XFL training days earlier in 2022 and is reported to have received an invite to November’s draft. If he accepts and is picked up by an XFL franchise, he will certainly be worth keeping an eye on in 2023.

Although a torn ACL in 2020 might have been a setback at the time, this defensive tackle has comeback better than ever. This not only shows his grit and determination but also his will to succeed. A former 4-star recruit, Rochester would definitely have a point to prove in the XFL, after having his game time at Georgia limited by having future first round picks such as DeVonte Wyatt in front of him. This combined with his toughness and tackling skills could make him a rookie to admire in the XFL’s 2023 season.

Jeremy Meiser

From the XFL pro tryouts at Northwestern back in April 2022, one name was on everyone’s lips – defensive lineman Jeremey Meiser. He had already built up quite the buzz around college football and put in a decent performance over the 2021 season for the Wildcats. This was in addition to two seasons before this at Old Dominion, where he also demonstrated his fierce tackling skills.

At the April 2022 XFL tryouts, Meiser put in 35 reps on the bench press to impress onlooking XFL officials. This would have put him among the best defensive linemen at an NFL Combine! With size, strength and the versatility to play all along the defensive line on his side, expect this rookie college player to be snapped up at the November XFL draft and explode in the coming 2023 season. Although an invite for the draft has not been confirmed yet, we would be very surprised to see him miss out.

XFL in 2023 should be an exciting affair

With Terrell Buckley’s signing as Orlando head coach, it is clear that the new XFL season has plenty of experienced talent on the coaching side. It also seems likely that we will see lots of young talent making its mark in 2023. If you want to get up to speed with rookies who seem likely to move into the XFL after November’s draft and make real waves, the above are worth watching.


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