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Michael Vick Will Not Join FCF For Final Game of Season 2.0

It’s a sad day in the football world. Mike Vick, has refuted reports that he will return to football. Earlier this week a Reuter’s Report broke news that Mike Vick would play for the Fan Controlled Football League in the last week of the regular season. However, before it ever even happened, Vick shut down the possibility of a return to the league.

Mike Vick during his time with the Atlanta Falcons

Reports began to surface on Thursday, with Vick even being assigned to a team as of Friday in anticipation of his one-game appearance with the league. Despite all of the fanfare about the move, Vick has silenced any hope of seeing him in an FCF jersey in 2022. Vick tweeted “I hung them up in 2015 never to return. I say that to say that they’re going to stay hung up. I will not be coming out of retirement.”

Not the answer we wanted to hear as fans, given how electric Vick was during his 14 seasons in the NFL. There is some hope, however, that we seem Vick in some other capacity with the league given the statement he added: “I appreciate the opportunity to play, but I’d rather put the executive hat on with what little ownership that I have.”

Mike Vick during his time with the Philadelphia Eagles

So….you’re saying there’s a chance….

In reality, I am curious who they target next. I have made the argument that Colin Kaepernick should step in and go play the final game of the regular season with the FCF in place of Mike Vick. One game to prove that he can still play at this point, 6 years removed from an NFL field. This might be all he needs to launch himself back in the NFL.

Kaepernick with his mobility and arm strength would be dominant in the FCF. We saw Terrell Owens out there campaigning for Kap to join the league, Ray Austin the commissioner also had done his part to try and make it happen as well.

Regardless of which quarterback it is that we see a return in the last week of the season this weekend, I hope they make it happen. With guys like Andrew Luck, Cam Newton, former AAF star Garrett Gilbert, or guys like Josh Rosen, and Chris Streveler available right now, it seems the FCF could still make a splash move if they so chose. A move to bring in Gilbert, Rosen, or Streveler makes a lot of sense long-term.

In a league where nearly anything is possible, I cannot wait to see who the brain trust of Ray Austin, Patrick Dees, and Sohrob Farudi come up with next.

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