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DJ Steve Aoki Talks Fan Controlled Football (FCF) Ballerz Collective With Rich Eisen

Steve Aoki was a guest on the Rich Eisen Show to talk Las Vegas Raiders and his new Fan Controlled Football Ballerz Collective. Rich Eisen Show streams live on NBC’s Peacock, which will be the home of FCF games in the Spring.

The begin by talking about the team owners in the league which include Chargers RB Austin Ekeler, Marshawn Lynch, Vikings RB Dalvin Cook, Richard Sherman.

Aoki talks bout why he was interesting in joining FCF.

“I think what the point is that the world is changing and it’s innovating at a rapid pace. And now you have ways in which fans, which I think just the concept alone. A fan who fans die hard. They like following the game. Doing their fantasy football teams. They follow each team, they follow each player. Imagine if you could actually participate in a team, just that as a philosophy is something that I think we all wanted. People that love sports would love to participate not just as a fan, but to participate in the revenue and growing and the creative behind a team.

So when I heard that I was all in. I think that these kinds of concepts are going to start brewing in every industry. And it makes sense that it’s happening in sports.”

Steve Aoki

He goes on to say why fans will be more invested in games.

“I think there’s a lot of different points of interest for people to jump in and get involved because it’s just a lot of fun. It’s like just adding a little bit more sweat to what you’re doing and adding a little more salt to the popcorn. So that when you watch the game, you’re just so much more invested than just having a fantasy football League.”

FCF announced its first NFT collection called the Ballerz Collective. Two FCF expansion teams will be exclusively managed by fan collectors holding one of their teams unique, programmatically generated all-access Ballerz Collective NFTs, making the FCF the first professional sports league to embrace an NFT with real world utility. No date has been annouce when these NFT’s will be minted.

You can watch the full interview here.

Players interested in a tryout out with Fan Controlled Football can do so right now. The league is holding its first combine this Saturday in Arlington Texas. There will be four more from now till February.

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