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Could Brycen Alleyne Be The Next Triple Threat Of Spring Football?

The Fan Controlled Football League is a fairly new league, with a radically new perspective on professional football. With that being said, despite only being in existence for two seasons now they have already sent prominent names to the next level. Ask the casual fan of football, or look up his stats on google and you may have to dig to find evidence that Kavontae Turpin wasn’t a rookie in 2022. 

FCF Creates Opportunity 

The fact is he played the 2021 season with the FCF. However, on the majority of professional football statistical databases, you will not find his time with FCF anywhere on his stat sheet. So this in a way helped create the illusion that Turpin came out of nowhere when the reality is that the unique way the scouting department for the fan control football league approaches player acquisition is how Turpin was discovered in the first place.

With that being said, I’ll forgive you if you didn’t know that there is a former division one football player, who plays the same skillset albeit with a little bit more focus on the run game, available for the XFL to select. That man is Brycen Alleyne, a running back from Delaware State University. In season 2.0 for the FCF Alleyne showed what he was capable of as a runner despite limited touches. 

In a league built around the passing game, Alleyne found himself leading the league in rushing yards. In just seven games, he found the endzone 9 times. While he wasn’t used in the passing game as much as he could have been, this former college slot receiver is no stranger to running routes. 

If you’re looking for an NFL comparison I’ll offer two. Current FCF Owner and Los Angeles Chargers running back Austin Ekeler, former New Orleans Saint, and Philadelphia Eagles running back Darren Sproles. Both of these men offer positional versatility which is what makes them so dangerous. 

That being said their counterparts hailing from the FCF, Turpin, and Alleyne aren’t any less dangerous or versatile, simply lesser-known. Turpin was able to put himself on the map in just 1 season in the USFL, Alleyne just needs the opportunity outside to do the same. 

Versatile Goes Beyond Position

All four of these men, offer one thing that mini smaller runners do not, eight fearless nature when it comes to running inside the tackles. Despite every one of these guys on this list standing 5’9 or under. all of them have the balance To stay on their feet through contact, Make a man miss, or even pass block when called upon.

They can either start at or add depth to many different positions, whether that be at receiver, running back, or even on special teams. These types of players were once brushed aside by coaches by in today’s game they are invaluable. 

A Look Back At Brycen’s Career

When looking back at Bryson’s career it begins to open up questions. What held him back? Why was he not selected in the draft process? Most of all what more do scouts need to see to understand this guy is an elite-level talent? 

I’ll attempt to shed some light on why this D1 graduate, with no off-field concerns, the ability to play in 3-4 different positions has slipped through the canyon-sized cracks left in the NFL Scouting process. In my mind, the rise of the analytical approach to sports has led more and more coaches to ignore their eyes and trust their I-pads. Focused on relative athletic scores, combine workouts, or unpadded practices to determine if a guy can play. 

In the scouting world, guys like Alleyne are still knocked for the one thing they can’t control, their height. We have seen it time and again, if you’re not 5’10 200 pounds or more at the professional level team simply doesn’t look in your direction as early as they should. 

That’s why we saw a guy like Austin Eckler Go undrafted, yet then immediately make an impact when he was signed by the Chargers. Or why as soon as Kavontae Turpin got his opportunity first in the Fan Control Football League and then in the USFL he contributed right away. That’s also how Darren Sproles was able to stick in the NFL for 15 years as he did. 

That’s also why I believe Brycen Alleyne was simply overlooked. As far as what more scouts need to see, I believe the only thing holding him back at this point is a lack of outdoor film. The XFL is exactly what he needs to show exactly how dangerous he can be on a wider, more open field in a version of the game that now emphasizes dual-threat running backs/wide receivers.

Team First Type Guy

When asked Brycen says he is no stranger to, or opponent of a running back by committee system that would seem to suit his talents. Paired with a bigger back similar to how Darren Sproles was used throughout his career in multiple spots. Brycen might even still be on the field in the slot as a wide receiver, or in the backfield alongside the other back. Running back by committee is no longer frowned upon by backs like it once was.

The modern player understands ceding carries to teammates isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a reality of a long season, filled with hard hits, and lots of wear and tear on a man’s body. Due to this using multiple backs is now the norm in the NFL, USFL, or any other league that currently plays outdoors.

If you want a second back who is better than Alleyne who can aid the offense in every facet, while also adding value in the return game and on various special teams units. Alleyne is the total package, and on top of it, he majored in strength and conditioning and has proven to be remarkably durable during his short career. All he needs now is a chance to reprove himself in the outdoor game.

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